How to Increase International Sales Using Direct eCommerce

our international ecommerce platform

Boombotix direct eCommerce has provided a significant amount of revenue for our domestic business. Direct eCommerce is a fantastic way for a brand like Boombotix to control the entire customer experience from product education to full brand immersion. What about our international distributors?

the problem with many brands’ ecommerce sites

Our company has distributors in a number of countries worldwide, but our distributors have only benefited from wholesale with lower margins and greater cash flow requirements. We wanted our distributors to invest in building an expensive site for their territory while also maintaining a really tight grip on our branding. When we looked at our analytics, we saw that our international distributors were not driving significant amounts of traffic to our site. This was understandable, as the distributor does not benefit directly from driving sales on our eCommerce site. At the same time, our team was struggling with fulfilling international orders. If anything went wrong on the transit, our margin was pretty much demolished.

our international ecommerce solution

We popped open the hood on Shopify, our eCommerce platform, to find that the API provided a lot of the necessary data we needed to forward others by territory. Using that data, we are able to create a series of filters by country. We set up login areas for each of our distributors where they could register for new order notifications in their respective countries, and integrate with their current logistics system. Now, when a customer orders product in Australia, the order is automatically forwarded to the Australian distributor  The distributor would ship the customer his order, and we provide additional cash or credit to the distributor for driving the direct sale. Going direct to the consumer and having a smooth logistics process in place effectively increase everyone’s margins.

what this international ecommerce will do for business

When you build a site like this it does wonders for your relationship with your distributors. Suddenly, your distributors are incentivized to carry the full assortment of your SKUs. They are driven to push traffic and generate backlinks to your website and they are compensated for the increased sales. They no longer have to invest in building and maintaining a website. Newer browser translation technologies have allowed for just about any site to at least be coherent enough to drive a sale, instead of internationalizing. Customers in various territories can take comfort in knowing that their product doesn’t have to touch twenty-five hands between going door to door. Anyone that is running a wholesale business internationally with direct eCommerce can really benefit from this application.