Boombotix Presents CRAYnial Custom Art Show at Big Umbrella Studios SF


The Boombot portable speaker line was conceived from urban vinyl toy customization.  We are proud to return to some of our core roots by getting to work with some really talented SF based local artists.  CRAYnial will be held at Big Umbrella Studios on Friday, May 11th, 2012.  If you’re familiar with toys like the Kidrobot Munny, you may recognize a similar aesthetic in the Boombot.  These vinyl toys are actually engineered to be customized by artists.  They’re also known as DIY toys.  The culture has been somewhat of an underground spin-off from the popular sneaker-head and skate deck customizing community.  This medium is yet another fun 3D canvas to express yourself on.

Boombotix CEO commented, “CRAYnial is going to be a really cool way for us to collaborate with other artists while also taking a step back and digging for new artistic inspiration on this medium.  I always admired looking back and seeing one shape/character take on a wide array of identities when I put on vinyl toy shows back in 2007-08.  Boombotix was founded originally with the intent to bring function/tech to these cool toys, so now it’ll be cool to revert and dig back into the artistic side.  Who knows…we might even find the next design for our future artist series….”

906 Divisadero St.
SF, CA 94115

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PVC Custom Skully Show is LIVE!

Skully PVC promo

This morning Delicious Drips opened up their Submission gallery to welcome the release of custom DIY Skullys for the PVC custom contest.  Our artists manipulated this toy to turn it into everything from robots to roosters.  Many of the artists were kind enough to also supply a lot of helpful tips on how they achieved their design.  DLi$h commented:

“In the upcoming months, we’re really bringing the SkullyBoom brand out a lot more when the SB1 speaker comes out.  We want everyone to know where our roots are, so having artists take the time to bust out has really been a blessing.  Thank you guys!!”

Each artists is competing for a shot at over $500 in prizes along with a spot on SkullyBoom’s West Coast tour.  Artists accumulate points based on how Delicious YOU rate their toy.

To top it off, Delicious Drips is also raffling off a pair of Skullcandy headphones to a lucky fan.  How do you win?  It’s simple: Just vote on some of these artists design.  Every artist you vote on gains you one shot in the raffle.  At the end of next week, you’ll have yourself several chances to win a pair of headphones of YOUR choice.



Why yes that is a rocket attached to my skateboard


Over the past two weeks we’ve been busy making a short film called “The Perfect Weapon”.  The film revolves around the SB2000 intercontinental ballistic missile systems (DIY Skullys modified with fully functional rocket engines) being used in ways that showcase them as the ultimate urban combat tool.  The film combines everything from pureed supermodels to the rocket powered skateboard you see featured above.

“With PVC (PolyVinylCranium) we really just wanted to do something fun that inspired our toy artists to come up with something totally fresh for their designs.”

Stay tuned for the expected early February release.