Check out the new Sennheiser DJ cans

New design meant to meet the demands of today’s club environments

For those unfamiliar with Sennheiser headphones, they’ve been the go-to source of in-head audio for DJs working the club scene for the past 25 years.



Of late, though, they’ve received some pretty stiff competition from several new companies, and so rather than become a has-been, they’ve decided to take matters into their own hands, and redesign their cans to meet the demands of the modern-day club scene.

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DJ mixes bass drops with scents to create new club experience

Part of Heineken promotion

When you’re walking through Macy’s perfume and cologne section, dodging the random spritzes of Calvin Klein and Burberry being shot at your face, have you ever stopped and thought to yourself – Man, it’d be awesome if there was some sick house music playing right now?


No? Me neither. But someone in the marketing department at Heineken DID think this weird combination up, and the result is “The Scenthesizer” project.


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Flo Rida releases new DJ “technology”, gets called out by Deadmau5 for lame product

Ground-breaking music technology is anything but

Flo Rida’s place in the music world is certainly not in good standing, and it appears as though any credibility he did have, just took a major hit.

You see, the musician is less known for his songs and more so known for throwing temper tantrums, ripping off ideas, and skipping concerts. And now he’s launched this “contraption”, which has everyone rolling their eyes at a horrible attempt on trying to cash in on the rise in popularity of digital music technology.

The piece you see above is called “Beamz by Flo” and from what I gather, it allows the user to “make music” by moving his or her hands through laser beams that are pre-programmed with songs like Taylor Swift’s “We are never ever getting back together” and Flo Rida’s “Whistle”.

According to Flo, “Whether your fantasy’s to be a rock hero, a DJ thrilling the crowd, or you just want to fulfill your dreams of playing the music you love, you have to try my Beamz for yourself.”

True that, homie.

As was expected, many in the music community took exception to what’s clearly a bullshit product. None more than Deadmau5, who called Flo out on the technology after seeing the video himself: “Well…fuck. so much for my career…the futures here. shit… save me an opening slot at least,” he Tweeted, followed by a series of the following posts: “Seriously though… at least at one point during that commercial shoot, Flo must been like “man… someone might see this… mmmnahhhhhhh fuckit,” he wrote. “.@beamzmusic im in. ill sell out, i dont give a fuck. I’ll do your next advert. 7 million. cash. unmarked bills. #tourmoney”.

Have a look yourself and let us know what you think!