Odd Future x Boombotix Limited Edition Speaker Released


Don’t deny the sweetness

Odd Future is always creating a stir with their outlandish statements, eccentric marketing efforts, and of course, their incendiary music. Naturally, we thought it was only right to do a collaboration with them. More recently, the collective has seen some turmoil as each talented individual artist has sought out to define their own brand and style. Wu-Tang Clan experienced a similar fragmentation in earlier years which ultimately ended up bringing us fantastic pieces like Cuban Links and Tical 2000. Odd Future’s members have been putting out some amazing work too. As we crafted this project with their team, we wanted to capture a special moment; A moment where a posse of likeminded creatives come together to build something off the chain.

we put the best glazing on this piece

The limited edition Odd Future Boombot REX and Boombot PRO speaker set is fitted with Odd Future’s revered doughnut. The tonal anagram graphic is wrapped around both models. The PRO also features an inlaid Odd Future donut badge on the grill for those needed the next-level bling. We also tried to include a freshly made doughnut in the package, but the FDA threatened to hit us with multiple safety violations.

Find one at the Boombotix Store online or exclusively at Zumiez retail stores nationwide.

Odd F


If you’ve never seen an Odd Future music video, I highly recommend giving this one a watch with an open mind.

New Die Antwoord Video: Baby’s on Fire

Die Antwoord just released the video for the song of their new album, Baby’s on Fire. This video is certified #valid by the crew at Boombotix, exemplifying the fast paced lifestyle many of us choose to live. Enough words. See for yourself:

Warning: NSFW (unless you work at Boombotix):

A masterpiece, consisting of motorcycles, fast cars, bikes, bats, donuts, swords, guns, money, drugs, sex, bling, lube, wrestling, sideboob, Die Antwoord goes #hardinthepaint.

Does anyone have a sibling relationship like this? Watkin Tudor Jones (Ninja) sets a good example for an older brother looking out for his baby sister Yolandi. He just needs to keep a lookout for incoming bricks to the #grill moving forward

This video has inspired us to get back to doing dangerous things. Until next time!