Dub Phizix and Skeptical feat Strategy – Marka – Exit Records

Bet you haven’t heard this before.  Found this gangster beat at 4:09am whilst mobbing through DnBRadio Podcast.  It caught my ear immediately with the extremely crisp beat and precise lyrical mayhem.  No whomp whomp here.  Just pure straight dub.  This led me to take a peep at the music video…. Not going to lie, it’s a little bit scary to watch by yourself, but see it at your own risk.  We highly recommended listening to this on a serious speaker system  or on high quality studio monitors to get the full effect.

Bully by Liquid Stranger

Are you feeling naughty?  Then why don’t you add a soundtrack to that feeling with this track from Liquid Stranger.  Enjoy.

If you’re into it, also be sure to check out his Soundcloud and Myspace.

About Liquid Stranger:

Martin Stääf launched the Liquid Stranger project in 2003. His intention was to have one alias that would encompass all his musical output. Consequently, he has produced a wide variety of music under the name Liquid Stranger. At first, Stääf’s plan was to keep his identity a secret. He never did interviews or showed his face on stage. Stääf states: ”After a while it became quite tricky. in fact, Interchill finally ruined this idea by writing my name on the record sleeves.”[5] Liquid Stranger’s creative output ranges from suggestive Ambientsoundscapes to movie scores, popdub, infernalia, drill n bass, and electronica.[6]

The first release under the name Liquid Stranger was the song Environmental Meltdown, featured on the compilation Global Psychedelic Chill Out – Compilation Vol. 4 by Spirit Zone Recordings.

When asked in an interview why he moved away from the trance scene, Stääf replied: ”I never really switched per se, I have always made tons of different types of music. During the time I toured with Necton, I produced various stuff like Ambient, Electro and Drill n bass. What excites me is the fusing of genres. I have no fixed style that I stay with too long, I do not like boundaries.”

Source: Wikipedia