Restaurant suspends diners from a crane

Gives new meaning to “high-class” dining

As the makers of the world’s most durable portable speaker, we support the active lifestyle. You know, the people willing to go out there and get a few bumps and bruises while they push their selves to the limit. But this – I don’t know that we can throw our hats in the ring to support this endeavor.


A pair of Belgian entrepreneurs have started a new project called “Dinner in the Sky” and it’s exactly as described—it takes dining patrons and suspends them 180 feet in the sky via construction crane.


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Dude gets lit on fire to prove how durable our portable speaker is

Just another day, just another ruggedized test

Not sure if all you audiophiles out there had the chance to see the video we posted on Facebook today, but it shows one of our Boombot 2 portable speakers going through a ruggedized test.

Specifically, we dropped a payloader full of rocks and boulders on it – while the thing was playing – to prove that it’s the most durable Bluetooth portable speaker . . . IN THE UNIVERSE.

Miss the post? No worries – check out the video below:

Awesome stuff, right? But it got me thinking – we do these ruggedized tests all the time and while they all get posted to our YouTube channel, not a lot of them make it to Facebook or the blog.

One in particular stands out – we actually list a Boombot speaker on fire while it was clipped to a dude who clearly has the biggest balls this side of the Valley.

The reason? To prove how well our speakers withstand hot temperatures, of course. This is an important consideration when you’re looking for the right portable speaker to take with you to the beach, camping, hiking, biking, and whatever else you plan on doing this summer.

If the speaker’s going to be in the sun, you want to be sure you’re not going to mess it up and have it looking like this guy here:

Melted speaker


Check out the video of the dude getting lit on fire while wearing our Boombot 1 portable speaker below:
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Durable Bluetooth Speaker Comparison: Philips Shoqbox SB7210 vs Boombot REX

Comparison between two of the more popular portable Bluetooth speakers

Rex v Shoqbox screenshot

Not a lot of portable speakers on the market today can lay claim to having the same — or even close to
— level of durability of our Boombot REX. One speaker does come close, though — Philips’ Shoqbox.

As such, this warrants a showdown comparison of the two durable portable speakers.

Both are shock and splash proof, can survive a drop, and even take the occasional whack.

Water resistant portable speaker

But when we took a closer look at them, well, that’s when it becomes pretty obvious as to which is the better Bluetooth speaker (spoiler alert: it’s not even close).

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Biker bag guarantees not to wrinkle clothing

Gym bag helps cyclists bring professional garb to the office

Wingman with suit

If you’re a bike nut like most of the staff here at the makers of the most awesome Bluetooth speaker on the planet, then you’ve probably found yourself in the following conundrum — it’s a beautiful day out, perfect for biking to work, but you have to four-wheel it instead because you have no way of bringing your work outfit with you without getting wrinkles and creases in it when it gets packed into your backpack.

Wrinkled suit

Thankfully, this is an issue for yesterday, and it’s thanks to Hentley, the folks behind the best biker bag on the market, aka, the Wingman.

Wingman for bikers


In short, the Wingman is a bag that rolls up to protect garments from bunching together, thereby minimizing creases. It comes with a gym bag that can be worn on your back while cycling to work, and a bunch of convenient, well-designed features, like a tablet computer pouch and ridiculously large outside pockets for things like keys, wallet, a box of cereal, and whatever else you want to throw in there.

Wingman with tablet computer

As for how the clothes don’t get wrinkled, the Wingman features semi-rigid vertical ribs to help restrict the diameter of the suit bag when rolled; this, it turns out is, what helps minimize wrinkles and creases in the clothing.

Along with strong protection and deep pockets, there are some other cool features about this bag worth noting. For one, reflective piping helps the cyclist be better seen at night. The bag also features a waterproof rain cover, and, if you are so inclined, you can attach a bike light and highly durable portable speaker to the bag’s webbing loop.

Want the Wingman? It’s yours for $185 through the company’s website. Want to learn more about the bag? Check out the video below:

Radio uses cork to be turned on, turned off

Prototype radio does away with buttons in favor of cork

While most radios nowadays use buttons to turn on and off, including YOUR ultra durable, ridiculously loud Boombotix portable speaker, a new prototype device on the market has opted to do away with this functionality in favor of a cork.

Plugg radio

Called “Plugg”, the digital audio broadcasting radio was created using a 3D printer, laser cutting, and hacked electronics by Norwegian designers Theo Tveterås and Lars Marcus Vedeler, who work under the name Skrekkøgle.

Plugg radio teardown

Buttons on the side of the Plugg control volume, and power comes from the device’s plug. There’s no clear indication, however, as to how to change the radio station, though I’m sure that’ll eventually be addressed should this idea become an actual product.

Video of a Plugg promo below:

What do you think? Good idea or should these guys stick a cork in their idea?