Win a FREE Boombot2 with LessThan3


We know we got some ravers and EDM bass heads in the crowd so this post is for you. We’ve teamed up with one of the top publications for electronic dance music, LessThan3 (LT3). LessThan3 has a pulse on what’s going on in the world of house, electro, dubstep, trance and pretty much any synth infused electronic music that perks their ears. This week we are giving away three FREE Boombot2s of your choice by entering in the raffle. That’s not the only free stuff you can get out of LessThan3. They have an extensive music library with some of the best DJs in the game. If you want to get in on this contest, ENTER HERE. If you want to learn a little more about LessThan3, read on.

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BASSCAMP-Thanksgiving party at 1015 Folsom

a time for family, food, and bass music


For some people, this weekend is all about family.  For some people, their closest family are the people that rage in Basscamp.  Dance that turkey off to one of the finer sound systems in San Francisco’s night scene.

The Oxford Group Presents ‘BASS CAMP’ in San Francisco. A showcase of bass-heavy artists from around the globe.//BIG CHOCOLATE

Black Friday November 23 | 1015 Folsom
Doors 10pm | +21

International Gloving Championship – June 23rd 2012


Gloving is the new movement in the underground rave scene.  What once started as a bunch of people tripping balls with glow-sticks has now evolved into a full blown demonstration art.  New LED technology is paving the way for this new generation of EDM performers.  These performers do a crazy light show incorporating rhythm and motion in a way that is designed to stupefy and perplex.  A lot of these guys use portable speakers to practice on the side, so we’ve decided to sponsor the event and get some of the top competitors swagged out with free speakers.

Emazing Lights is proud to present the 2nd Annual International Gloving Championship (IGC). Featuring the best glovers in the world competing for thousands in prizes. IGC is the world’s largest gathering of glovers and lightshow enthusiast to further promote the underground art form known as gloving. IGC features state of the art production, sound, lighting and LED panels in the world renowned Fairplex Pomona venue.

IGC is proud to present the international DJ superstar tyDi to perform a special extended set! Be a part of the largest gathering of light enthusiast and enjoy world class talent on June 23rd, 2012!

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Modeselektor at 1015 Folsom- April 13th

Modeselektor at 1015 Folsom


Do you enjoy extremely experimental next level music?  Well then Modeselektor might be just the guy for you.  He has been revered as one of the DJs that will literally blow your head up with fidget sounds.  He is currently on a world tour and we have one of SF’s best nightclubs and promotion teams getting behind this party to make it stage 5 awesome.

Swoop up some tickets right HERE

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Portland, Oregon native Justin Bleich, aka Theme Night, is a DJ/producer starting to gain major momentum in the evergreen state. A synthesizer and computer enthusiast, his northwestern roots are evident in his rock and roll live performances and affinity for big room players like Afrojack. Over the past few years, he has been cooking up some some crazy sounds all his own. Now finally satisfied, he’s ready to make his big push into the world of EDM. Keep up with him on, and keep your eyes and ears open cause this kid is on the rise.

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