Air purifying bike scrubs dirty air during ride

Designers work with engineers to come up with earth-friendly means of transportation

Talk about your pedal power! A group of designers and engineers out of Thai-based Lightfrog Creative and Design recently won a super-hard-to-win Red Dot award for their approach to an air-purifying bike.


The bike – which is still in the concept / development stages and isn’t even a prototype yet – has a filter between the handle bars (right below where you’d put your Bluetooth portable speaker) that takes in dirty air and scrubs it of its pollutant particulates.

The bike frame, meanwhile, works kind of like a tree leaf: it converts sunlight into energy, which is then stored to a fuel cell battery, and used to power an on-board electric motor.

The by-product of this system would be, naturally, oxygen.


In an interview with FastCoExist, creative director Silawat Virakul explained the group’s approach: “We want to design products which can reduce the air pollution in the city. So we decided to design a bike because we thought that bicycles are environmentally friendly vehicles for transportation.”

He added: “Riding a bicycle can reduce traffic jam in a city. Moreover, we wanted to add more value to a bicycle by adding its ability to reduce the pollution.”

Pretty awesome stuff!

Might this bike make its way into future bike-share programs? I don’t think I’m alone when I say I definitely hope so!

Chain-free, foldable E-bike gets power from pedals

New Mando Footloose bike uses human to generate power

Mando Footloose foldable e-bike

Let’s put it out there: the Mando Footloose is not the first pedal-powered e-bike. There have been plenty of others like it on the market before, and there will be plenty of others to come.

Also, and this is just my humble opinion, the thing isn’t even the best looking e-bike on the market.

Mando Footloose bike – close-up

But for what the bike lacks in looks and originality, it makes up for in its efficiency. You see, the Mando Footloose has completely eliminated the bicycle chain from the whole thing. You know, because bicycle chains are sooo 2011.

The reason — so that the power behind the cyclist’s motion gets translated directly into electricity.

People riding the Mando Footloose

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