You can only hear this album if you hack it

Band takes unique approach to debuting music

Hey guys! I just came out with a new album, but you can’t hear it unless you’re able to hack the wall it’s hidden behind.


Yes, that seems to be the marketing approach behind promoting the new album from Netcat, a Seattle-based electronic band. You see, the group’s latest drop, entitled “Cycles Per Instruction”, was released on Github, but only to those who are able to “hack” its contents; that is, in order to hear their newest songs, listeners need to have a working knowledge of the Linux operating system.


Why the focus on computer software? Well, the band actually uses a fairly technical setup for their music, including 8 to 10 laptops, an instrumented WiFi network, statistical language models, speech synthesis software, and a synth-based on computer vision algorithms. To make sure the level of complication associated with their music carried over to the release of their latest album, the band decided to use a loadable kernel module for the Linux operating system. The alternative was a custom hardware schematic, but their love of software point them back to something less physical.


All of this is no surprise when you consider the gents that make up the band: Brand Lucia is a research with a PhD in computer science, David Balatero is a computer programmer, and Andrew Olmstead is an engineer . . . in the aerospace industry. They all agree that in making the music harder to access, their listeners would appreciate what they’re listening to a bit more.

After a few days, though, the band did also make the album available on Bandcamp, hack-free. You can access it there, but for those looking for a bit of a challenge, you can install the kernel module from Github here.

Boombotix HYPE Ride Mix


Are you going the distance? Are you going for speed? Are you all alone in a time of need? Well lucky for you we’ve curated this delightful ride mix engineered specifically, for providing you a 10% increase in horsepower for your next ride. “Ride what!?”, you ask? Anything! Whether it’s a horse, bike, skateboard, a paddleboard, or an elephant, this mix should set the right mood for your next adventure.

Thanks for listening and let us know what kind of music you want to hear next. We often post our mixes on our Facebook page if you want to get the low down.

Play music with these gloves — no instruments required!

Student research project comes up with hands on, instruments off idea for music creation


Cornell engineering student Ray Li came up with the pretty nifty looking gloves you see above. Referred to as the “Aura”, the hand warmers are actually wearable, electronic musical instruments. To play them, the user slips the sensor-equipped gloves on and moves them through a magnetic field. The movement itself is tracked and the hand positions are converted into MIDI signals (electronic instrument language), which are then fed into a synthesizer.


Pitch is controlled by the user raising or lowering their hands. Spreading them apart increases volume, while closing one’s fingers muffles the sound. When the user twists his or her hands, the sound gets distorted.

Oh, and since different hand positions can be assigned to trigger various sounds in the MIDI catalogue, there’s the potential to create some pretty unique new musical compositions, as Li demonstrates in the video below.

“The goal was to create the most intuitive instrument,” Li said. “We’re trying to capture those intuitive gestures and make music.”

BASSCAMP-Thanksgiving party at 1015 Folsom

a time for family, food, and bass music


For some people, this weekend is all about family.  For some people, their closest family are the people that rage in Basscamp.  Dance that turkey off to one of the finer sound systems in San Francisco’s night scene.

The Oxford Group Presents ‘BASS CAMP’ in San Francisco. A showcase of bass-heavy artists from around the globe.//BIG CHOCOLATE

Black Friday November 23 | 1015 Folsom
Doors 10pm | +21

Emazing Lights BOsS Competition Recap


Emazing Lights Gloving Championship had an epic turnout this past weekend. There were over 100 competitors with awesome new moves and concepts.  The top four finalists were Lokey with 4th, Newks taking 3rd, Ice Kream Teddy in 2nd and Boomer winning first place! Each winner took home some cash and prizes, and one special winner took home their very own Boombot!

The next BOsS Competition is August 25th in Torrance, CA for the next installment. The tournament is open to everyone of all ages!

Don’t forget iDFestival is coming to a city near you! Emazing Lights is stoked to sponsor this awesome festival so check out the lineup and get ready to rage.