What Low End Theory San Francisco is and why it rocks so damn hard

Forward-thinking recurring music series gaining popularity in the Bay Area at break-neck pace

Low End Theory music

Being the makers of the best portable speaker in the industry, we get asked a lot of questions about music, and lately we’ve been getting a number about San Francisco’s Low End Theory music series:

What is Low End Theory?

When is Low End Theory?

Where is Low End Theory?

So to appease all you Low End Theory curiosios out there, here’s a quick summary on everything you need to know about it, and why it rocks the nuts off San Francisco.

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International Gloving Championship – June 23rd 2012


Gloving is the new movement in the underground rave scene.  What once started as a bunch of people tripping balls with glow-sticks has now evolved into a full blown demonstration art.  New LED technology is paving the way for this new generation of EDM performers.  These performers do a crazy light show incorporating rhythm and motion in a way that is designed to stupefy and perplex.  A lot of these guys use portable speakers to practice on the side, so we’ve decided to sponsor the event and get some of the top competitors swagged out with free speakers.

Emazing Lights is proud to present the 2nd Annual International Gloving Championship (IGC). Featuring the best glovers in the world competing for thousands in prizes. IGC is the world’s largest gathering of glovers and lightshow enthusiast to further promote the underground art form known as gloving. IGC features state of the art production, sound, lighting and LED panels in the world renowned Fairplex Pomona venue.

IGC is proud to present the international DJ superstar tyDi to perform a special extended set! Be a part of the largest gathering of light enthusiast and enjoy world class talent on June 23rd, 2012!

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Modeselektor at 1015 Folsom- April 13th

Modeselektor at 1015 Folsom


Do you enjoy extremely experimental next level music?  Well then Modeselektor might be just the guy for you.  He has been revered as one of the DJs that will literally blow your head up with fidget sounds.  He is currently on a world tour and we have one of SF’s best nightclubs and promotion teams getting behind this party to make it stage 5 awesome.

Swoop up some tickets right HERE

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Prefuse 73 at 1015 Folsom SF March 16th

Prefuse73 and Blockhead at 1015 Folsom

Prefuse 73 has been known for being one of the premier influences in the experimental hip-hop/electronic movement.  Combine some of the top electronic artists with a really amazing sound system and venue and you have a recipe for a good time.  For this reason, he has made it to our top choice for parties this evening in SF.

This event will go into the wee hours of morning, but make sure that you give it that little bit of extra sauce for St. Patty’s day weekend.  This weekend may leave you with a hangover you will want to forget, but an experience to remember.

Get your tickets NOW

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Bart B More, AC Slater – Cry Baby

Last week, electro house golden boy and Trouble & Bass labelmate Bart B More teamed up with dubstep producer AC Slater to release “Cry Baby” on his new EP, The Bass. The track is of two personalities switching up playful buildups and massive, hard-hitting drops. Play this track on your BoomBot now and expect waves of chill breakdowns with piercing bass, the perfect tempo for your end-of-summer dance parties.

Bart B More & AC Slater – Cry Baby (Original Mix) by SecureRecordings