New Microsoft earbuds monitor user’s mood to help pick next song

New device detects how the user is feeling, finds the right song to bring them up or mellow them out

Microsoft has announced a new project called “Septimu”, basically a pair of earbuds that monitors the user’s health, including things like heart rate, temperature, and other biorhythms, to determine his or her mood which, in turn, can be used to select the most appropriate next song.


It’s a lot of technology for such a tiny device: the buds include various sensors, like thermometers, inward-facing microphones, and IMUs, all as a means for picking up the body’s key indicators.


Along with acting like your own personal DJ, the headphones also note when the user’s posture is off, can act like a health and exercise diary when hooked up to a computer (it’ll transfer all of the recorded data), and overall, act like an in-your-head health coach.


The Septimu earbuds work in conjunction with the app “Musical Heart”, which was developed by researchers at the University of Virginia Center for Wireless Health.


Septimu isn’t an on-the-shelf product just yet, but it does show promise for the developing health-tech sector, where we’re seeing gadgets and devices that can easily be incorporated in to our active lifestyles.

iPhone 5 case protects phone, includes hand crank to power battery up in emergencies

A little manual labor is all it takes to extend battery life

iPhone 5 Gridcase Reactor

If you’re not afraid of putting in a little elbow grease and some manual labor, then you’ll love the Gridcase Reactor — it’s a new iPhone 5 case that’s looking to get some funds via crowd funding site and is definitely worth checking out because the case not only protects the phone but also features an internal 400mAh battery and crank-powered 500mAh generator that allows the user to power their phone before it completely fades out (longest sentence everrr).

Gridcase Reactor for smartphone

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Headphones play music depending on wearer’s mood

New audio technology unveiled at SXSW

Interesting concept by Neurowear — the company has unveiled new headphones called “Mico” which play music based on the wearer’s mood.

Mico headphones

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Augmented reality windshields to be introduced in future cars

New technology will bring streaming data to all of tomorrow’s vehicles

It’s time to play everyone’s favorite game — Will This Get You Killed or Not?! Today’s technology is augmented reality windshields.

AR windshield by Harman

The concept’s been pitched around between a bunch of AR developers, but Harman’s is among the first to introduce a viable product, making a case for it at the Geneva Motor show.

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Projector aligns your billiards shots in real time

Technology makes anyone an expert billiards player

Cheating or having a good time?

A group of students out of the good ol’ University of the Algarve (Portugal) have created a “smart” projector called Pool Live Aid that predicts in real time the direction of your next billiards shot.

Pool Live Aid example

While the projector is hanging above the table, it’s actively analyzing the position of the billiard ball against lines that correspond to the relations of the cue. It then shines a light path on to the table itself to show what it believes will be the projection of the ball.

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