Thanks for the love Kickstarter!

As this is written, we are proud to announce every single Boombot REX pre-ordered on Kickstarter, including T shirts, Dog Tags and Grillkits have been shipped, both domestic and international. Along the way, we’ve learned so much about our Kickstarter backers, which many would consider the most progressive consumers for taking such a risk by supporting something they believe in. Now that our ultraportable speakers are in their hands, the can of worms is open. Here’s what some of our awesome backers have had to say thus far:

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Transparent speakers: Stylish or silly?

Popular speaker featured in music video will soon be made available to the general public

Transparent Speaker

People People, a Swedish industrial design agency, are the minds behind the Transparent Speaker featured above, below, and in and Britney Speaker’s music video “Scream and Shout!”

Britney Spears and Scream and Shout

While previously unavailable, the agency is getting ready to bring the speaker to the masses via Kickstarter. It’s been on the social funding site for a few days now and is a little more than halfway to their goal — a bit slower than another popular, well-known portable speaker on the same site that surpassed its goal in less than 48 hours.

So what does the Transparent Speaker have to offer, other than will and Britney’s blessing? For one, it’s made of high quality audio components and materials, including a built-in amplifier with embedded digital signal processing to provide full and balanced sound.

A bit more specifically, the speaker features 2×3” full-range drivers, a 1×6.5” woofer, and a frequency response of 35 Hz – 20 kHz ±5db on its axis.

A machined aluminum control panel provides easy access to knobs for volume, bass, and treble, and an LED indicator sits on the front to indicate when the speaker is on. There’s a display there too, along with 3.5mm auxiliary jack.

Front of Transparent Speaker

Taking a look at the back, you have another 3.5 mm jack, USB port, and a toaster slot for AirPort Express routers.

Back of Transparent Speaker

It’s a lot to offer in one speaker system — and it’s reflected in the price. Backers of the Transparent Speaker need to drop a whopping $490 for a fully assembled speaker, or $360 for an unassembled version which, oh by the way, comes without the glass panels.

All personal preferences aside, the Transparent Speaker is a nice speaker. It has good sound to it but damn, that’s a lot of coin to drop for a device that’s big and quite frankly, ain’t that good looking.