BOSS Competition Flyer. Cire vs. Ice Kream Teddy

This month’s BoSS, or better known as Battle of the Supreme Swag, got heated. These top 16 competitors got super stylie and showed off their gloving skills. Congratulations to Cire, Ice Kream Teddy, Mumbles and Bonkers for being the top glovers!

Special shout out to Ice Kream Teddy, the second prize winner, for winning a Boombot. Stoked you enjoy your new portable speaker, stay filthy.

Ice Kream Teddy thoroughly enjoying his new Boombot.If you think you have the finesse and artistry to be top glover, don’t miss out on October’s BoSS Competition in Torrance.

For gloving inspiration, check these ballers out:


Emazing Lights BOsS Competition Recap


Emazing Lights Gloving Championship had an epic turnout this past weekend. There were over 100 competitors with awesome new moves and concepts.  The top four finalists were Lokey with 4th, Newks taking 3rd, Ice Kream Teddy in 2nd and Boomer winning first place! Each winner took home some cash and prizes, and one special winner took home their very own Boombot!

The next BOsS Competition is August 25th in Torrance, CA for the next installment. The tournament is open to everyone of all ages!

Don’t forget iDFestival is coming to a city near you! Emazing Lights is stoked to sponsor this awesome festival so check out the lineup and get ready to rage.


International Gloving Championship – June 23rd 2012


Gloving is the new movement in the underground rave scene.  What once started as a bunch of people tripping balls with glow-sticks has now evolved into a full blown demonstration art.  New LED technology is paving the way for this new generation of EDM performers.  These performers do a crazy light show incorporating rhythm and motion in a way that is designed to stupefy and perplex.  A lot of these guys use portable speakers to practice on the side, so we’ve decided to sponsor the event and get some of the top competitors swagged out with free speakers.

Emazing Lights is proud to present the 2nd Annual International Gloving Championship (IGC). Featuring the best glovers in the world competing for thousands in prizes. IGC is the world’s largest gathering of glovers and lightshow enthusiast to further promote the underground art form known as gloving. IGC features state of the art production, sound, lighting and LED panels in the world renowned Fairplex Pomona venue.

IGC is proud to present the international DJ superstar tyDi to perform a special extended set! Be a part of the largest gathering of light enthusiast and enjoy world class talent on June 23rd, 2012!

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