DJ mixes bass drops with scents to create new club experience

Part of Heineken promotion

When you’re walking through Macy’s perfume and cologne section, dodging the random spritzes of Calvin Klein and Burberry being shot at your face, have you ever stopped and thought to yourself – Man, it’d be awesome if there was some sick house music playing right now?


No? Me neither. But someone in the marketing department at Heineken DID think this weird combination up, and the result is “The Scenthesizer” project.


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Glow in the dark skatepark from down under

Skateboarders flock to amazing looking skatepark

A glow-in-the-dark skatepark was launched in Australia by — of all companies — Kellogg’s, as a way of showing appreciation for its customers and to also (naturally) promote their Nutri-Grain cereal.

Hundreds of skaters flocked to the “Fuel On Skatepark” during its initial opening, where they got to enjoy laser-rigged, projection-mapped on the various ramps:

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Whole Foods to start selling vinyl records

Organic food supermarket dips its toes in the music industry

Whole Foods, the organic food supermarket of choice for the modern day hipster, is looking to cash in on the recent vinyl revival, and will begin selling vinyl records at five of their California-based stores, including Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Pasadena, Santa Barbara and Venice.

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Daft Punk to launch highly anticipated album at Wee Waa agriculture show

Bizarre report confirmed by multiple sources

Daft Punk in field

Before we get into this story, let’s just get one thing straight – the Annual Wee Waa Show in Wee Waa, Australia (also referred to Australia’s “cotton capital”) isn’t the next SXSW festival.

In fact, tickets for the agriculture show are maxed out at a somewhat modest 4,000.

Welcome to Wee Waa sign

You see, the Wee Waa Show is a festival known more so for its dog high-jump competitions, cross-cut saw contests, and baby shows. It offers a communal atmosphere in everything it has to offer and it’s this very essence, according to the Melbourne Herald Sun at least, that led the French DJ’s to choose to launch their next album, Random Access Memories, at the festival on Friday, May 17.

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