Actual Car Sized Hotwheels Double Loop Coming to Summer X-Games

Insane Double Car Trick Set To Blow Fans Minds Next Week

So summer is officially here now. Time to charge up your Skully and get out there! You wanna make every moment count this year – since, you know, the world is ending according to the Mayan calendar and all that jazz. Okay we don’t really believe that but it beats shouting out YOLO at this point. Sorry Drake.

One of our favorite seasonal events is coming up in less than a week. Yes it’s time for the Summer X-Games again in Los Angeles. Starting June 28 and running until July 1, more than 200 world-class athletes will descend on Los Angeles like a wild horde, along with hundreds of thousands of fans. You might be one of them. One word of advice – bring lots of water – maybe even a Camelbak. Trust us on this one bro. It gets hotter than a Vegas whorehouse this time of year and you don’t want to be buying tiny bottles of tap water for $5 a pop. You’ve been warned. Moving on.

Over the years we’ve seen some amazing stunts at Summer X-Games in Los Angeles. Our favorite moment is still Great Wall of China jumping Danny Way’s backflip over the chasm off the mega ramp to 20 foot 560. Nice! This year Hot Wheels and ESPN have joined up to bring you something WAY sicker than that!

It’s a wild stunt that might easily make the standard Summer X-Games fare like biggest air skate ramps and motocross acrobatics look a little less extreme than usual. According to the amazing vid below 2 drivers will be performing what’s being called the world’s first synchronized vertical loop – at the same time. For starters the double loop is over 6 stories high. X-Games RallyCross competitor and two-time Formula Drift champion Tanner Foust will comprise Team Yellow, and Hollywood stunt driver Greg Tracy will be Team Green. Foust and Tracy will drive down separate ramps at top speed, pulling 7 G’s of force as they literally flip upside down 180 degrees, then join up side-to-side for the final victory lap out of this death defying epic stunt!

“The Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare is a great addition to the X Games experience,” said Tim Reed, ESPN senior director of content strategy. “We’re excited about our relationship with Hot Wheels and adding this entertainment spectacle to an exciting four days of world-class action sports competition in downtown Los Angeles.”

The track used for the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare is based on the new Double Dare Snare toy – probably one of the most clever tie in’s to a toy product promotion we’ve ever seen. This is even hotter than when Rob Dyrdek kick-flipped a Chevrolet Sonic – which is saying a lot!

It’s all set to go down on June 30th. If you are lucky enough to witness this live you might need to bring an extra pair of shorts, since it’s bound to blow more than just your mind. You might actually just shit bricks for real!

ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC will combine to televise 21 hours of live competition in HD, and on ESPN 3D. X Games will also be streamed digitally on and Let us know if you ended up going and get some damn pictures this time! That’s an order!

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