Woman has heart-shaped twinkle tattooed onto eyeball

Those looking for new ways to express themselves are taking some pretty extreme measures

Take a quick look through our eclectic mix of portable speakers and one thing you’ll be able to tell right away is that the folks here at Boombotix are all about self-expression.




But this story out of NYC is a bit extreme, even for our liking. It goes like this: Lucy Luckayanko (real name? me thinks not, but hey, we’ll roll with it) has decided she wants to make a statement of self-expression, and she’s going to do this by having a permanent, platinum twinkle tattooed onto her eyeball.


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Dude gets full-body infographic tattoo about tattoos

Student goes all out for class project

Infographic tattoo final project

I’ve applied myself to projects before, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone as far as Paul Marcinkowski did for his class’s final project. Marcinkowski is a design student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland, who studies in the graphics / painting department, and for his recent final project, he chose to photoshop a tattoo across his entire upper body with an infographic about tattoos.

Paul Marcinkowski infographic tattoo

Within this bodily masterpiece are various stats about people with tattoos, including the number of Americans who have a tattoo (45 million—not like this number will ever change) as well as a list of the most-oft cited reasons why people regret getting a tattoo (person’s name in the tattoo, the way it looks, and it was stupid).

Enjoy the rest of Marcinkowski’s work below:

Creative way to show infographic

Infographic body art

Tattoo with stats about tattoos