More things to do with a Boombot Portable Speaker- Soundbomb

Whooppee Cushion

Remember the good ol’ Whoopee Cushion? I mean they were funny, but it was near impossible to get someone to sit down on a BRIGHT PINK pillow. C’mon. Fortunately in the 21st century, mobile wireless technology and nanoacoustics has enables us to take pranks to new levels.

Last year we put out some instructions on doing a gift prank with your Boombot wireless speakers in a box. We originally came up with the idea when we attempted to disrupt a Berkeley lecture with fart noises. We hid a Boombot speaker in a Chinese food box stashed below a student’s seat. This is our way of reversing aging; Resist maturity with every ounce of strength you have. A Soundbomb is a prank where you place an unsuspecting audio clip around your victims. It can be anything from farts to audio clips from filthy porn. What makes the Boombot wireless speakers so awesome for these pranks is that they are easily concealed and capable of throwing noises over a significant distance.

Nick and I took the Bart over to the San Francisco center. We made some practice runs at the Civic Center station. Nick wore headphones and dove into a local Spanish newspaper to ensure that he could carry on a character that was fully oblivious. I filmed with an iPhone and manipulated audio from a distance. All this was made possible by the god gift of Bluetooth wireless technology streaming high fidelity farts and moans.

At first, it was hard to get good camera angles. I was trying to pretend like I was gaming on my phone, but I had to hold the phone at an unnatural angle (and resist the temptation to burst in laughter) . Eventually, I just started filming and I left my phone out in a place where it had a good angle. I moved about 20 feet away and was able to still control live sound without looking suspicious. We had geysers nearly shitting their pants in no time. Geysers are especially vulnerable because many are not familiar with the technology we were deploying into battle.

Don’t expect to be the last time we pull some shenanigans like this. There are a number of other great pranks to be had from creepy voices to animal sounds. These are cheap thrills that make the ownership of the world’s most ultraportable wireless speaker a true honor. Kids, take notes:

Making your gift stand out

 for those that think gifting is boring

Gift Bomb

You know that boring moment where your family sits around the tree opening presents one-by-one?  Well we’ve devised a way to make the gift exchange procedure a little more interesting.  Follow these simple instructions to plant chaos and suspense on your gift giving endeavor.

  1. Download a good sound board app with the desired effect.  We’d recommend using live animal sounds.  Use whatever provides you the best shit-eating grin.  Some recommended ones are cat sounds, fart noises, and guns.  If you just want to get some hood commentary, check out Bed Intruder with Antoine Dodson.
  2. Pair with your BOOMBOT wireless speaker
  3. Place the speaker inside your gift box.  You may want to gift the BOOMBOT itself, or you may want to combo it up with something else…. like good-smelling soap, a candle, or chocolate.  It really doesn’t matter.
  4. Wrap your gift up.  You’re going to have to do this right before you give it since you can’t be paired with your speaker all night.
  5. Plant the gift strategically under the tree or gift collection area.
  6. Deploy your noise of choice.  BE PATIENT.  If you go for too much, it doesn’t quite build up.  Allow yourself some time between soundbombs.  Be discreet when you use your phone.  Stick to noises that are realistic.
If all fails, there’s always the good ol’ Dick in a Box trick.