Just in time for summer, skateboard that converts into surfboard in seconds

New Kickstarter project is genius idea for beach bound boarders everywhere

How could you not love an awesome idea like this? Called the “Waveskate”, this skateboard is totally amphibious, as it can convert to a surfboard in a matter of seconds.


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Bicycle that you wear lets you “scoot” along

German designers completely re-do classic bicycle model – for no reason at all

Fliz bike in action

It’s probably safe to file this concept in the “WTF” folder.

For the sole purpose of offering riders a new “cycling experience”, German designers have completely re-imagined the classic bicycle model. “Fliz”, as it’s called, has no pedals. Instead, the rider wears a harness and pushes themselves forward to kind-of, sort-of scoot along down the road.

If the runner / rider / scooter gets enough momentum, he/ she can place their feet on treads near the rear wheel to coast for a bit.

Rider coasting on Fliz bike

The bike (if we can call it that) is made up of a glass and carbon fiber laminate frame. The harness is custom-built for each rider, can be easily adjusted, and features a five-point fastener for quick and simple release. All of the features were considered to ease pressure on the crotch area and distribute the rider’s body weight evenly.

Fliz bike frame

Not sure where you’d put your superdope Boombotix wireless portable speaker on it.

Still can’t get over this thing? Get this – the “Fliz” design is in the running for a James Dyson Award in Germany, a ceremony that rewards students who design something that solves a problem.

Here’s how the designers describe the bike on their site:

The prior aim of developing FLIZ was to bring a completely new driving experience to everyone. Based on the very first bike – the “Laufrad“ – we created a velocipede concept of healthy, ecological mobility in overcrowded urban space. Its laminated, innovative frame with 5 point belt system provides a comfortable, ergonomic ride between running and biking. The frame integrates the rider and due to its construction it works both like a suspension and like a top carrier whereas the belt replaces the saddle and adjusts your position.

And here’s a video of the “Fliz” in action: