How to nose butter on skis

Nose butters are really hot right now thanks to Henrik Harlaut and is ridiculously sick nose butter dub cork 12s.  Just some things you should know before you get silly with this endeavor.

  • Nose butters can be done on most jump features, but we recommend working your way up from knuckles of jumps and eventually onto the jumps themselves.
  • Easier to do on lips that don’t have tons of pop or on knuckles with steep landings
  • Stiffer the ski, the faster you have to go to  really benefit from the flex of the ski

So without further adieu, follow these simple steps and learn to enjoy a trick that can be performed just about anywhere of just about anything.

  1. When you’re going up to the feature, be in your normal scissored and exceptionally fresh thug stance but do keep your knees bent slightly.
  2.  As you approach the lip/knuckle, keep your head focused on the point where you will initiate the butter.
  3. Once you are at the edge of the lip, start turning but keep your head focused on the lip.  This will allow your tails to lift and pivot around while loading up the shovels of your skis.  Your knees should straighten out but don’t POP.  Controlling the timing is everything.
  4. The flex of the skis will launch you airborne.  At that point, your rotation is very naturally set so don’t be afraid to put an extra 180 in there and take it to five.

We hope you found this useful.  If you’re looking for a little mobile sound to keep the stoke factor up, check out our speakers at the Boombotix boutique.  Be sure to stay tuned for the next Good Enough episode with Jason Arens, Noah Curry and the whole crew.

Good Enough Crew Presents Bare Minimum

Good Enough Presents: The Bare Minimum from Garrett Jurach on Vimeo.

It’s about that time when the snow is dropping.  Back in the day, we used to just build snowmen and sit on a sled.  In this day and age, the movement has shifted to slaying jib features and stomping huge tricks.  Matter of fact, it’s not enough to just stomp big tricks.  You have to do it with an ungodly amount of after bang, scissor, and swagger.  This is our crew in Tahoe.  We are proud of our boys.

Filmed and Edited by: Garrett Jurach
Featuring: Noah Curry, Jason Arens, Pete Arneson, Dash Kamp, Jordan Spohr, Bret Donnelly, Raleigh White, Cooper Davidson, Kyle Smaine, Lou Macias, and friends.
Additional filming: Dylan Curry, Paul Heran, Chris Stamey.
Supported by: Surface Skis, Causwell, Joystick, BoomBotix, Cakeatr,, and Tall Treez.

Welcome to the team Brady Perron

“Thanks” Brady Perron Self Edit from ARMADA SKIS INC. on Vimeo.

We’d like to  welcome our newest team member, Brady Perron to our arsenal of really dope skiers.  Our friends at Armada Ski company have been awesome partners in connecting us with some of the best athletes in the world.a  We’re absolutely amped to have Brady ride for us in 2012.

Get to know Tom Wallisch

If you haven’t heard of him, get to know this name: Tom Wallisch is taking the freestyle skiing world by storm. Tom became big while making promo videos with his crew 4bi9. One of his closer buddies Steve Step (aka Green Goblin) is also making moves in the ski world. In a matter of three years he has catapulted his way onto the pro skiing spotlight securing spots in some of the biggest competitions in the world, X-Games included.
We’d like to congratulate Wallisch on his recent signing with Scott’s International ski team. This is where skiing is going. Enjoy.