What is the Harlem Shake?

Dance looks like it might be 2013’s Gangnam Style

The Harlem Shake

Heard of the Harlem Shake yet? If not, you will soon — the popular dance is making waves on YouTube right now and is looking like it just might be this year’s version of last year’s “Gangnam Style”.

Brief history behind it: the dance actually started way back in 1981 in Harlem and was originally called the “albee”. It went mainstream in 2001 when G-Dep featured it in his music video “Let’s Get It” and has been in a bunch of other music videos since, including CunninLynguist’s “Old School” and Nelly’s “Dilemma”.

The dance officially went viral in 2013 when the song “Harlem Shake” was released by American producer Baauer. In the short time since its release, the dance has gone viral and a bunch of ridiculously hilarious YouTube videos have been uploaded since then of people doing the dance.

Before we get into some of them, here’s an instructional video on how to do the Harlem Shake:

Now grab your loudest portable speaker, download the “Harlem Shake”, and get dancing:

Firefighter edition of the Harlem Shake:

Army edition of the Harlem Shake:

Nintendo edition of the Harlem Shake:

Laundry edition of the Harlem Shake:

Dorm room version of the Harlem Shake: