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taco cannon

Boombotix is located in San Francisco’s Mission District where we have taco’s available every two-hundred feet.  Naturally, when I saw this, I realized that the possibility for #nextlevel taco delivery was finally here.  I could literally be sitting at my desk, use Siri to ping the taco cannon, and if my local taqueria could work on their aim, I could have a taco sniped into the palm of my hand.

This taco cannon was built for Fun Fun Fun Festival in Texas.  Are you surprised?  The device was made using a modified t-shirt launcher.  We’re on the hunt for some footage of this taco cannon in action.  If we don’t see anything promising, we may be spending the weekend building some new taco artillery.

Can this do burritos too?

Source: Gizmodo



World’s smallest wearable camera by Memoto

Spy gear becomes available to the masses with the new Memoto Lifelogging Camera.  Go for the natural candid shot with this clip-on speaker.  You can snap pictures like a creepy paparazzi with this tiny 1.5″ square camera.  No doubt that wearable technology is a trending segment within the CE market.  Designers are focusing on concepts that can be seamlessly integrated into your media whoring lifestyle.

File 15076

Memoto Lifelogging Camera attaches to your clothes by a stainless steel clip, taking one 5 megapixel photo that is geotaged every 30 seconds. ‘Every 30 seconds? That’s a lot of pictures!’  You’re darn right it is, but each photo is stored on built-in memory space which has a capacity for up to 4,000 photos! It has a built-in accelerometer to prevent unwanted shots when you take it off. When it’s unplugged all of the photos are uploaded and securely stored on Memoto’s cloud servers and the Memoto app seamlessly & effortlessly organizes them for you.

I think where Memoto would be especially cool is at raging parties and events where things get weird.  If there is one shortcoming I noticed immediately, it was the lack of ability to take photos manually.  To my surprise, the initial fundraising of Memoto was so successful, they reached a major funding milestone to unlock the feature for development.  I suppose they can now afford to put on that extra button and do a little more firmware development.

File 15075

The Memoto Lifelogging Camera is currently on Kickstarter but it has surpassed its goal by a wide margin and is expected to retail for $250.

Source: Clutter Magazine


Awesome gadget I must have now: cardboard digital camera

Tip of the hat to the creative minds over at IKEA. We love to see outside-the-box like this or rather, inside the box.

Outside the box thinking

At the recent Fuorisalone event, a Milan-based design expo, IKEA gave out branded cameras in the press kit to all of the media attendees. The camera was simple in its design, approach, and materials—that’s because it was made of cardboard.

Ikea cardboard camera


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Take pictures with just your fingers (seriously)

Fresh technology gives new meaning to digit-al technology

Let’s state something from the get-go: the Ubi-Camera isn’t there yet (Ubi is a play on “ubiquitous” and “yubi”, which means “finger” in Japanese).

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Speaker Showdown: X-mini vs. Boombotix BB1

xmini portable speaker versus boombotix bb1

Portable speaker battle royale

Looking to buy a portable speaker? Well, you need not look any further than two of the gadget industry’s most popular portable speaker providers (say that three times fast): the X-mini and Boombotix BB1. They’re incredible devices for their size and both have done fairly well when it comes to product reviews.

When you compare them head-to-head, though, their differences become a bit more obvious. This can help you, the prospective portable speaker purchasee, a great deal in making the best buy for your hard earned buck (cue “The more you know” PSA).

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