Jason Arens Summer Ski Edit Get Rich, Or Don’t

Just catching up with Jason Arens this summer and it looks like he has put together a couple new tricks for the upcoming season. Gone are the days of whipping 1080+ spins. This year, the game is to tweak those grabs harder and float nothing more than 5s.

JASON ARENS//GET RICH OR DON’T from jason arens on Vimeo.

Filmed by: Jake Strassman, Alexandra Erickson, Tyler Malay, Garrett Jurach, Sam Trefaller, Ian Macy
Song: I’ll whip your head boy – 50 cent

How to nose butter on skis

Nose butters are really hot right now thanks to Henrik Harlaut and is ridiculously sick nose butter dub cork 12s.  Just some things you should know before you get silly with this endeavor.

  • Nose butters can be done on most jump features, but we recommend working your way up from knuckles of jumps and eventually onto the jumps themselves.
  • Easier to do on lips that don’t have tons of pop or on knuckles with steep landings
  • Stiffer the ski, the faster you have to go to  really benefit from the flex of the ski

So without further adieu, follow these simple steps and learn to enjoy a trick that can be performed just about anywhere of just about anything.

  1. When you’re going up to the feature, be in your normal scissored and exceptionally fresh thug stance but do keep your knees bent slightly.
  2.  As you approach the lip/knuckle, keep your head focused on the point where you will initiate the butter.
  3. Once you are at the edge of the lip, start turning but keep your head focused on the lip.  This will allow your tails to lift and pivot around while loading up the shovels of your skis.  Your knees should straighten out but don’t POP.  Controlling the timing is everything.
  4. The flex of the skis will launch you airborne.  At that point, your rotation is very naturally set so don’t be afraid to put an extra 180 in there and take it to five.

We hope you found this useful.  If you’re looking for a little mobile sound to keep the stoke factor up, check out our speakers at the Boombotix boutique.  Be sure to stay tuned for the next Good Enough episode with Jason Arens, Noah Curry and the whole crew.

Interview with Good Enough Ski Crew

Good Enough Crew at Boreal

This winter Boombotix has teamed up with the whole Good Enough crew to bring sound to the slopes.  The partnership is a beacon of our dedication to supporting action sports with athletes that are pushing their amplitude to the highest levels.  The Good Enough ski crew is known for their progressive ski style with a greater emphasis on creativity and less on hucking big tricks.

We sat down with Jason Arens and Noah Curry this week with an exclusive interview.

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Learn to Ski with Good Enough- Season Three- Episode Two- You Into Fitness?

Good Enough- Season Three- Episode Two- You Into Fitness? from Garrett Jurach on Vimeo.

Good Enough crew made a trip out to Park City, Utah and for sure made some worthwhile turns.  As per usual, the homies killed it on every jib.  If you want to learn how to ski, pay close attention.  Jason Arens used his woodgrain Boombot to flow his way through the pain of getting a #goodenough tattoo.  #DEDICATION #shredtahoe

Featured Skiers

Jason Arens, Noah Curry, Pete Arneson, Khai Krepela, Jordan Spohr, Alden Spence, Raleigh White, Cooper Davidson, and Cody Perin.

Good Enough- Episode 2- You into Fitness?

After riding Boreal all early season the Good Enough crew decided to pack their bags and make a trip to Utah. Fully equipped with their BB2’s they caught an epic powder day at Brighton Mountain and then a few sunny park days at PCMR before heading back to Tahoe to shred some more.

Good Enough- Season Three- Episode Two- You Into Fitness? from Garrett Jurach on Vimeo.