Google Glass app helps bikers navigate through city without having to pull out their phones

Integration of wearable technology was inevitable

R/GA Prototype Studio has developed a Google Glass app called “NYCycle” specifically for New York City’s Bike share program to help bikers navigate their way through the streets of the city without ever having to pull out their phones as reference for directions.

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Top 10 pieces of wearable technology

Companies are taking their gadgets out of pockets and incorporating them into clothing instead

Skateboarder wearing portable speaker

The days of carrying your gadgets and gizmos in your pockets are quickly coming to a close. On the horizon – technology that you can wear. There are already some gadgets, like our Bluetooth portable speakers, which have long been established as wearable tech, but there are other companies like, say, Apple with their expected iWatch, that are just now throwing their hats into the ring for this hot new market.

Here are 10 wearable pieces of technology that are either already on the market or are scheduled to soon hit the shelves that you should definitely know about.

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