Nick Giannini – A Uniquely San Francisco Artist

If you’re keeping tabs on Boombotix, then you know we’ve got a Boombotix x Big Umbrella Studio collaboration called CRAYnial coming up on May 11, 2012 in San Francisco.

One of our featured artists for CRAYnial is Nick Giannini, a San Francisco-based creative with a insanely unique style. He prides himself on the fact that much of his artwork doesn’t contain deep hidden meanings or biased views of society. Instead, he wants the viewers to derive their own interpretation, and let it help inspire them in their own creative works.

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Need a new profile pic?

For those of you with five minutes of spare time looking to do a little something interesting for your next Facebook or MySpace profile pic, then this might be just the ticket.  This tool called the ASCII-O-Matic transforms your little picture into a series of type characters.  There are even a couple minor adjustments you can make to customize your output file.

The weirdest part is resizing your photo.  You need to be at 60 by 50 pixels.  This will make pretty much any pic you use look blurry, but don’t worry, this is normal.   Just upload the pic and presto, you have a matrix looking version ready to go.

The site also offers the ability to take the html code off your end result, but to be honest, I took the easy route and just captured a screenshot.

Try it for yourself.