Solar powered DJ set lets you turn tables in front of picnic tables

Eco-friendly, outdoor DJ booth is first of its kind

If you ever thought a picnic could use a dose of Skrillex or Deadmau5, then you’re in luck because Yalp / Lappset has just introduced the next iteration in outdoor entertainment with the world’s first eco-friendly, outdoor-ready DJ booth.



Referred to as “The Fono”, the booth is a solar powered turn-table that requires zero DJ skills. Instead, it allows users to play music off their smartphone, and includes cut, tempo, and loop options to play with. Fono simply amplifies the sound of the smartphone, but it does all of this via the power it’s generating from the solar panels atop its roof.




Fono recently won a RedDot award, beating some 4,815 other entries from 53 different countries. And for those doubting whether something like this will ever take off, apparently overseas it’s a pretty big deal; particularly with the folks in the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Australia.

No doubt it’s a wicked cool concept, but for those looking to bring their music with them in a bit more of a compact form, might we suggest a certain Bluetooth portable speaker that can clip onto your pocket?

Tentsile tents look like they’re straight out of the Hunger Games

Let campers avoid having to sleep on cold, hard ground

In what looks like a product straight out of the Hunger Games, Tentsile is selling a line of tents that get strapped from trees so that the camper need not rest their weary head on the cold, hard ground.

Tentsile tents

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