New Die Antwoord Video: Baby’s on Fire

Die Antwoord just released the video for the song of their new album, Baby’s on Fire. This video is certified #valid by the crew at Boombotix, exemplifying the fast paced lifestyle many of us choose to live. Enough words. See for yourself:

Warning: NSFW (unless you work at Boombotix):

A masterpiece, consisting of motorcycles, fast cars, bikes, bats, donuts, swords, guns, money, drugs, sex, bling, lube, wrestling, sideboob, Die Antwoord goes #hardinthepaint.

Does anyone have a sibling relationship like this? Watkin Tudor Jones (Ninja) sets a good example for an older brother looking out for his baby sister Yolandi. He just needs to keep a lookout for incoming bricks to the #grill moving forward

This video has inspired us to get back to doing dangerous things. Until next time!