My Solo Mission to Hawaii

Portable Speaker for Beach

This past weekend I was invited on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii. Despite being in the middle of some heavy lifting CEO nonsense, it just seemed right to make the trip after we had our Boombot REX Launch Party. Besides, we have interwebz everywhere so it island fever wasn’t necessarily a productivity hindrance. After all, if I didn’t take photos of Boombots on tropical beaches, who would?  Continue reading

Flooding in Hawaii rains opens up standup paddleboard terrain

Standup paddle board

You might want to think twice before booking a visit to enjoy jamming tunes on your Boombot on the relaxing beaches of Hawaii.  The local government has declared the state to be under disaster.  The flooding is primarily concentrated on Kuai and Oahu where in some spots, more than four feet of rainfall has fallen.  With the intense flash flooding, the local stand up paddleboard (SUP) community might get the chance to paddle over some new terrain.  The paddleboarder above is seen making his way across a strip mall parking lot.  At least he knows how to have some fun in times of disaster.

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