White Noise App + Boombot = Best Night of Sleep Ever

Relaxing mobile app leads to great night of sleep

If you live below railroad tracks, next to a garbage compact site, or above a bar with a really, really thin ceiling, then this is the app for you. It’s called White Noise Pro and it’s exactly what it sounds like: it’s an iOS music app that plays white noise and 40 different types of ambient noises, including sounds like whispering willows, babbling creeks, farting squirrels, and more.

White Noise Pro app

If you’re feeling a bit creative, you can also create ambient sounds yourself and modify sounds with the mixer, too.

I gave this thing a test run myself last night and while it sounded okay coming out of my iPhone, once I hooked it up to my clearer sounding portable speaker – and this may sound corny, so whatever – but the sound was like I was right there in the woods. It was awesome – best night of sleep in a while.

Funny sleeping man

Besides getting the Boombotix stamp of approval, White Noise Pro has gotten ridonkulous reviews elsewhere, including CNET, PCMag.com, and coverage on MSNBC.

Interested in giving this relaxing mobile app a test run for yourself? Buy it for $1.99 through the iTunes store.

Simplify your riding with this chain-free bike

Bicymple knows how to keep things EZ-breezy

This here contraption is design studio Scalyfish Designs’ awesome concept—the bicymple.

Bicymple bike

It’s a chain-free approach to the standard bike that’s simple yet still functional, and allows for rear-steering for tight turns and “crab riding.”

Crab riding on bicymple

Riding on bicymple

Since the chain’s gone, the number of moving parts is significantly reduced. A direct-drive, freewheeling hub is attached to the crank arm axis with the rear-wheel axis. This, as you can see, shortens the wheelbase and minimizes the overall design (though I would add a Boombotix portable boombox – or two – to the handlebar to complete the awesome look). It also makes the thing lightweight and pretty damn stylish looking if I do say so myself (certainly better than the Fliz bike we wrote about earlier in the month).

Bicymple photo

Video of the Bicymple after the jump.

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