Flask tie brings happy hour wherever you go

Look stylish getting trashed

Nothing complements an Excel spreadsheet better than a fifth of Grandpa’s old cough medicine. The problem, more often than not, is getting the booze into the board room undetected.

But that’s a problem for yesterday thanks to the Flask Tie – a piece of wardrobe that lets you look professional when you walk into the room, but still get trashed while sitting through a PowerPoint.

Flask tie

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10 Best Dorm Room Pranks

Not average dorm room pranks — these are the ones of legend

Solo cup dorm room prank

Hot damn—after collecting these photos, I miss college. Bad.

All-night parties. Endless booze. And pranks. Oh the pranks. A dorm suite didn’t actually bond at my school until each room had pranked the other one. True story.

Water balloons. Re-arranged furniture. And jeeze—the things you can do with duct tape.

Drunk college prank

But that’s enough of a trip down storybook road. What about others? The ones who make pranking an art form.

I’ve got ‘em here right after the jump.

Enjoy — and if you have proof that you’ve seen better, shoot ‘em our way and if we get another 10, I’ll do a follow-up post highlighting the best of the rest.

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People still Google’ing “Who is running for president” – right up to election day

Proves Google is still ridiculously popular way to search for things; also, Americans don’t pay attention to the news


Seriously America?

I came across this story on Gizmodo and it struck me as so unbelievably bizarre that I had to check it out for myself. Unfortunately, the results of my investigation proved true: Google has seen a spike in traffic over the last three months, leading all the way up to and including today, for the search phrase, “who is running for president?”

Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself:

Crazy, right? The chart is from the “Google Trends” website and it shows often U.S. folk searched the aforementioned phrase over the past three months. As you can see, there are spikes throughout the various weeks, and they’re likely associated with nights that the debates were televised. But why are we still seeing spikes all the way into November? If you don’t know who is running for president, why are you even going out to vote?

Fuck it, I’m inadequate gif

Now, is this more a reflection of how tightly integrated digital technology is in our lives nowadays, or does this speak more so to the fact that the average American out there really doesn’t pay enough attention to what’s happening in the world around them?

Comments from the politically savvy, portable speaker loving crowd are encouraged below:

Beer me a funny video

Duo show us all a better way to enjoy a brewsky

Pass me a beer

It’s summertime, which means BBQs, backyards, and beers.

Funny backyard BBQ

All complemented by the damn near best portable speaker in the world. Naturally.

Great portable speaker

Now, when you’re at a backyard BBQ, there are unspoken rules to abide by:

You’re on your way over, you offer to pick up ice.

You put ketchup on your burger, you offer the condiment to the person next in line.

And when you get up for a beer, you ask everyone else at the table if you can get them anything.

Pass me a beer

That’s probably the last time she ever asks.

Next time you’re at a BBQ and it’s your turn to refill the table with some brews, you might want to pick up one of the moves from Nick Packard and Tim Higgins from their YouTube hit “Hey, Pass Me a Beer!”

Hey, pass me a beer

Check out the clip after the click-thru.

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WTF You Gotta Read to Believe: YMCA Runs Security Drill But Fails to Tell Patrons

Needless to say, everyone freaked the you-know-what out

In Avon, Indiana, a local YMCA branch is in hot water for running a security drill that terrified local patrons who thought that their beloved gym and local hang-out for young Christian men was being taken over by a masked intruder.

According to a police report, close to a dozen officers rushed to the Y after receiving calls from patrons who were there working out. The report? A masked intruder, possibly with a gun, was running wildly throughout the building.

It turns out, though, that what everyone was seeing wasn’t real. The crazy masked man running around with a gun was an employee at the Y.

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