How Do Cell Phones Makes Your Life Better?

Our buddy Earl hit us up with this rad infographic on how cell phones make our lives better. Of course, we all know that Tinder-ing and lurking the Facebook cannot be done with an ordinary mobile phone, one needs a legit Android or iPhone, paired with a lickedy split data connection. Waking up and checking Instagram is a habit of many, checking in on friends and idols alike, sure makes people happy.

Have a look:

How Cell Phones Makes Your Life Happier?

The raddest statistic we found is the streamlining of the music/MP3 playback devices. Now that all your tunes are on your phone, why not pick up a portable speaker as mobile as your phone, to hear those tunes the way the artist meant for you.

This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Abebooks coupon code) and Boombotix


Infographic: Core Values of a Startup

What happens when you combine the core tenets behind a brand- the adhesive of the company, into a visual representation? Well, you get one awesome looking infographic of our core startup values, in a Venn Diagram.

The values of a brand are essential, as Boombotix is locked in to growing while staying rooted to its values. Our values are the secret sauce behind our identity, and they all overlap in different areas. You can see how the external influences overlap to create our core values, and how our core values overlap to create Boombotix.

Enough with the words, check it out below:

Check out the result of these values in our portable speakers.