Free Treasure Island tickets and portable speakers? Say what…

outside lands

Are you too broke to go to Treasure Island?  Many of us didn’t budget for every rageful luxury such as Outside Lands and Burning Man and Treasure Island while being able to eat and pay rent in San Francisco.  Many of us working in a bootstrapped startup (ourselves included) have hoards of energy and creativity, but no time or money to see a lineup including The XX, M83, SBTRKT, AraabMuzik, and Public Enemy.  If you are dying to see this insanely fat lineup and you only have enough dollars to buy Hot Cheetos and Takis then we have just the ticket…literally.

Here’s the deal though; We’re not going to do some lame raffle to get your email address and build a spam list.  We just want to be amused by your desperate attempts to ruthlessly self promote.

To win a ticket, we provide you with the extravagance of choice.

If you own a boombot you can do the following:

  1. Make a video of how you utilize with your ultra portable speaker and upload it onto YouTube and Facebook.
  2. Take an exceptionally artsy Instagram photo with your Boombot in a beautiful landscape, cityscape, wherever. Upload it onto Swagonomics and Facebook and voile! You’ve entered!

For those poor Boombot-less souls, you can enter these ways:

  1. Write a blog post explaining how Treasure Island is screaming your name and why you need a Boombot in your life.
  2. Take a photo of yourself being awesome.
  3. Draw a cartoon or picture related to music and having fun.

We aren’t going to give away a free two-day ticket out of sympathy (we ain’t ballin’), but if you have a legitimately awesome video, photo, blog post or drawing send it to for a chance to win.  Be sure to include “Treasure Island FREE ticket” in your subject header. We’re also giving away a festival survival kit including a free Boombot2, a blanket, beach ball, bubbles, pack of gum, and other necessary items.

How it works: The super qualified judges from Boombotix choose their favorite 5 contestants. Starting October 3 our Facebook fans vote for who they like the most.


Rich Kids on Instagram Living Limitless Fantasies

What would you do if there were no limits?

There is an old saying that tells us that youth is wasted on the young. Essentially this hoary old maxim informs us that by the time we have the wealth, experience of hard earned life lessons, and the resulting wisdom accrued from those lessons under our collective belts we will no longer have the vitality, optimism, creativity and passion to truly enjoy the world to the fullest like we should. If you think it sounds like something bitter middle aged people say to defend abandoning their dreams you’re about half right.

The saying came to mind after stumbling upon the Tumblr for Rich Kids of Instagram. Now here is a group of kids who may not have the wisdom, but who definitely have the means to pursue their dreams to the fullest. Think about it – what if money were literally no object? What would your days look like? It’s a question we’ve all spent hours daydreaming up answers to, some of us more so than others, and while we were supposed to be working hard for our bosses! Here is a group of kids who actually get to answer that question on a daily basis.

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What is a hash tag and how can I haz it?

hash tag

Hello children and welcome back to internet humor 101.  Last time we talked about what a meme is.  We learned they are useful to depict humorous situations and increase emotional punch of internet satire.  Today’s lesson will focus on the use of hash tags.  For internet newbs, you may have noticed the pound sign followed by a stream of words that makes no sense at all (ex. #wehouthere #tryintofunction #bluntlife).

Understanding the hash tag objectives

Now before we go ahead and disregard the hash tag messaging, lets take a moment to really understand them.  Hash tags are used to categorize media and make them more search friendly. The hash tag is the ‘#’ symbol. If you take a picture of a cool bike, then hash tag it with ‘#bike’ so that other people looking for cool bikes can find it.  Now you are actually taking your hard earned media and potentially exposing it to more people to find.  This may result in your getting more impressions, likes and comments which will ultimately boost your Klout and ego.

So why don’t we look at some real world examples of hash tag usage.  Check out the picture below.

what is a hash tag

This is a pretty common use case.  Frodizzle wants to show the world that he is having a good time on his Sunday afternoon.  He is clearly smoking weed, drinking a Coors light, listening to a Boombotix speaker whilst aboard a boat.  Appropriate hashtags would be #beer #coors #boombotix #sailing and #ganja.  Those that are really in the know of hash tag circulation and slang might also add #bluntlife #weouthere #goodlife #crossfaded and #bitchimonaboat.

Each of these hash tags has the capability to be searchable within platforms like Instagram and Twitter.  While you may have been initially thinking that hash tags are stupid, think about how people become connected by common interest, language, and lifestyle.  That’s kind of cool.

Hashtag Evolution

Hash tagging has run rampant and people are now even just using it as a means to classify and categorize situations or media.  It has in someway replaced commenting so that people do not have to construct entire sentences.  Hashtags on Facebook are not event linkable or searchable and yet people use them.  Reference the example below in a conversation that sparked my interest in writing about it:

hash tag

Starting to hash tag

We just built a new site called Swagonomics where users hash tag #boombotix along with pictures of them using their portable speakers and exploring the world. Generally we just want to see people being adventurous and capturing the #swag of their life with an opportunity to get some or our products.   If they command the hash tag with authority and captivate the interwebz, to the winner goes the spoils.





Come one, come all!

River floats, hikes, camping, barbecues, road trips…. my oh my the summer still has so much adventure left! Your favorite ultra portable speaker friends want to hook you up with some free stuff to ensure your summer adventures aren’t void of a soundtrack. If you already know about Instagram, then you already know how rad it is. For those who aren’t familiar with the photo sharing app, the Instagram app (for Android) and iOS allows you to edit your pictures straight from your mobile device. Swagonomics allows you to earn prizes by capturing and sharing your photos with your Boombot using the #BOOMBOTIX hashtag.

Here’s the deal: Take a picture expressing your love of action, adventure, or your Boombot for the next 15 days. Boombotix is all about life in motion, and we want to see your summer’s inspirations. The key is to capture your lifestyle. Everytime you hash tag #BOOMBOTIX on Instagram, you get points.  When anyone likes or comments on your awesome photo, you also get points.

To celebrate the launch of Swagonomics, Boombotix is laying down some cash-money and deep swag.  The H#SHT#G EVERYTHING Photo Contest awards the first place winner with over $450 worth of cash + prizes. To sign up, sign up for Swagonomics,  using your existing Instagram account.

To summarize: take photos, win swag.

Hannah Montana Coon Repellent Saves Hillbilly Santa

The internet is a weird and wonderful place.

There is no doubt about it. In fact it’s part of the reason we haven’t given up on it yet, despite the fact it’s about as far of course as something can be from its original design. We’re fairly certain that when Al Gore invented the thing he never imagined we’d sit around all day long in our pajamas posting pictures of what we ate and Instagraming them, then tagging our friends. Brave new world indeed.

“Wow bro, that burrito is HUGE! LOL” – If we read another LOL we’re going to #BARF. Seriously, do you really laugh out loud after everything like a braying jackass? We don’t think you do. Quick side note – Can you imagine what life would be like if people LOL’d as much in real life as they did in texts, tweets, and Facebook posts? We tried it for a whole day and barely lived through the awkward stares but we challenge you and your friends to give it a go – you know, for the lulz.

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