Exclusive Boombotix Giveaway for T-Mobile & Microsoft Employees Only

When you’re working retail during the holidays, you probably had to deal with a lot of annoying customers. Now that it’s the new year and we have all that B.S. behind us, why don’t we focus on getting YOU hooked up with some gear. We’ve set up an exclusive employee purchase program that gets you hooked up with all the Boombotix gear for 40% off (use code: MSFTgear for Microsoft employees and TMobileINVSN for all TMobile employees)

Still broke from the holidays? It’s all good…. you can enter our giveaway for a chance to get the free hotness.

The Boombotix Home Invasion

Winners Announced

Ryan Swedine – Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota wins a Boombot REX

Mike Mungo – Brooklynn, New York wins a Boombot2

Sherrie Cruson – Bellingham, Washington wins a Boombot2

Thanks you for everyone that participated in the Boombotix Home Invasion. This Friday we will be launching the Sack Up Sweepstakes in partnership with Timbuk2, so stay tuned!

In case you missed the party last week at Huckleberry Bikes, fear not. We are continuing our INVASION directly to the home. In this giveaway, THREE lucky winners will be able to pick a Boombot on August 5th. Get ON this!

Boombotix Invades Huckleberry Bikes – July 19th

Alien Invasion

This Friday, JULY 19th at 7PM, we are going to be making our next attack at one of our favorite local bikes shops in downtown San Francisco. We aren’t launching a product. This is just a plain good ol’ party with all of our friends. We’ve brought on several local artists for a live paint session. Our guests will also get to be involved with the tactical paint operations. We will be supplying FREE toxins (beer/beverages) to our guests and we’ll have the best tunes going into the night.

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