Check out the Lobster iPhone Case

The most awesomely ironic phone case on the market today

Listen, we’re all for outside-the-box thinking. One needs not look any further than our line of portable speakers with killer designs to understand that. But this thing here — it’s a bit much, no?

Lobster iPhone case

Believe it or not, the point is for it to be a bit much. It’s called the Lobster iPhone case and it’s a concept piece by Melbourne based designer / maker Elliot Gorham.

He explains on his website:

Unlike the typical phone case, it doesn’t offer functionality of protection and style. Its features include; camera incapability, ergonomically awkward, too big for your pocket or handbag and most importantly, it’s ability to cause its users embarrassment.

The phone case is a commentary on both the curious nature of the mobile phone case industry and of the modern dependency and or addiction to mobile technology…

Instead of a locked ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach, the ‘Lobster Mobile Telephone Case’ presents itself as a deterrent through its awkward and inoperative design. Resulting in minimal enjoyment of function, zero fashion credibility and lastly, reduced mobility for the user.

Like most mobile phone cases, it does offer the illusion individualism.

For the fine art enthusiasts out there who feel like they recognize this piece from something else, Gorham goes on to say that he was inspired by Dali’s 1938 sculpture, the Aphrodisiac Telephone:

Dali Aphrodisiac Telephone

Two more shots of the Lobster iPhone case below:
Lobster iPhone case with phone

Back of Lobster iPhone case

Optrix Fisheye Lens for iPhone Review

shoots everything you could dream from an iphone

Optrix Fisheye Case modified
 Today was also our first day out with the Optrix iPhone case.  This case fits a fisheye lens to your iPhone.  On Instagram photos and video, the field view is PERFECT although on the normal camera mode, you start picking up the edge of the lens.  Could just be a mechanical tweak made for a bigger lens with the same radius/magnification.  As the smartphone cameras continue to improve, one must wonder if these kind of adaptations could replace the GoPro.  One thing is for sure, the speakers on iPhone’s always suck, and the microphones have a lot of room for improvement too.  Which devices will consolidate into the smartphone?  All that is left is the video camera and car keys.

We took ours and cut out the screen in front and shaved a hole in the bottom to charge.  It kills the waterproofing but makes it so that the piece is more of a day-to-day piece.  We used an exacto knife to remove the screen on the front so that we could get better touch input.  Then we used a Dremel tool to cut a hole in the bottom to allow the charging connector to move through and allow the on-board speakers to be exposed. Might also be good to look at a product like the Olloclip, but then you have to remove the case.  Anyone know an iPhone fisheye that is built into a case (non-waterproof?)

here are some photos we took with it today

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