Portable Speaker Guide

pick out the right portable speaker system

Portable speakers have been around for decades now, but a lot has changed in the industry since the orignal boombox was introduced.  Technology has evolved and the source of our music has changed too.  Thousands of portable speakers have entered the market in various shapes, sizes, and costs.  We wanted to compile a list of things to consider when you buy a portable speaker.  Maybe Boombotix speakers are right for your lifestyle, but if not, we’re glad we can help find an audio device that works for YOU.


Don’t listen to anything manufacturers say about power consumption. Power ratings should be in Watts (W).  Loudness should be in Decibels (dB).  Consider the distance that the manufacturer measures dB from.  Also keep in mind you can have a loud speaker that sounds like crap.  The Boombotix Boombot2 hits 87dB with a high quality recorded song which is great for a room, studio or small group.  Other manufacturers like Logitech and Jawbone make larger portable speaker systems that are louder, but a bit less portable.  Most portable speakers have Class D amps that have a high efficiency.

What other features should i look for in a portable speaker?

  • Bluetooth connectivity (at least 2.1)
  • Device compatibility.  Make sure it works with your music source.
  • Volume/Track adjustment controls
  • Connector types (most common is 8mm or 1/8″ for standard headphone jacks)
  • How many speaker drivers are there?  Is it a mono speaker or just stereo?

should you get a speaker with rechargeable batteries?

In this day and age, there is no reason to every use a speaker that uses alkaline batteries (D-Cell, AA, AAA).  These types of batteries cause a lot of material waste, they’re heavy, and they get expensive as you replace each one.  Buy a speaker with a rechargeable battery source using lightweight lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries.  They may cost a little bit more up front, but it will be well worth it if you really like to travel with your speaker.

How do i determine if a speaker is portable enough?

Picture yourself using the product.  What is your most practical use case is? If you are primarily using it to lug to the beach, are you the type that needs deep, rich, pumping bass or are you fine with a little bit of bump for the background?  Look at the way the speaker is transported.  Does it have a simple handle?  Does it have a clip-on design?  Is the design of the speaker conducive towards the environment that it is being placed in?  Boombotix speakers have added seal and connector covers to make them more resilient to dust and moisture.

Yellow topography Boombot

portable speaker pricing

Portable speakers range anywhere from $20-400.  When considering the pricing, be sure that you are getting value.  Look at the manufacturer warranty terms.  If you are making a substantial investment in a product, you should expect that the manufacturer will support the longevity of the product in normal working operation.  If the speaker is designed to be ultraportable, then it should be able to take a beating.  If something happens in the field (you crash, you fall, or butter fingers gets the better of you), a good manufacturer of a portable speaker system should have your back to some extent.  We have a policy called the No Matter What warranty program where we offer free repair or replacement for all of our speakers.

Also consider the build quality of the product.  Boombotix speakers are made of thick high impact ABS plastic with a durable soft touch coating.  Some cheaper speakers use thin flexible plastics which make the product less durable and even sound poor.

in summary

We hope that you find this article helpful.  We’ve spent a lot of time and thought developing portable speakers that fit our active lifestyle.  If you are looking for a larger system there are a lot of great options out there, but if you like to put your music in motion, we hope you will consider investing in a Boombotix speaker.

Mounting speakers to your bike just got easy

UPDATE: BarMount2 is going to be available by Late July 2013.  Check out our new and improved design.

Mounting Boombotix speakers to a bike has been a dream for us since we started our company.  It takes about nine months to give birth to a child.  After nine months of design/manufacturing, our engineers have given birth to a welcome addition to the Boombot family.  During the birth of the Bike Handlebar Mount Kit, we suffered a number of complications.  After a serious C-section, the operation was completed and the end result is a purpose built piece of hardware that is going to amplify your bike riding experience.
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Boombotix Launches New Website

Boombotix is proud to announce a completely new website redesign to create an entirely new brand experience for our fans looking to immerse themselves in the Boombotix lifestyle.  The new site features a new user interface that’s faster, easier to navigate, with a premium emphasis on educating our customers about Boombotix products.

Boombotix CEO, Lief Storer commented, “The new site was a much needed change to really capture the fun feeling behind Boombotix. We’ve discovered ourselves much more clearly while also taking a lot of input from our customers.  Our products require a lot of education to fully understand their function, and the new site does a much better job of making information clear and concise.”

Behind the new website redesign is the company’s new CTO, Ben Radler.  Ben was brought onto the team earlier this year to work on ecommerce and mobile software development.  Expect to see more of his work in the Boombotix App on iOS.

Holiday order deadlines

Monday, December 19th : Deadline for all domestic orders to receive before Christmas

Wednesday, December 21st : Cut-off for Next-Day delivery to receive before Christmas

Ultimate Neo-Retro Speaker

There is something kind of refreshing about this old school speaker horn.  Maybe it’s not the most practical piece, but we could see this being the sound dock for grandpa/grandma with an iPhone (if we didn’t give him a Boombotix BB1 of course).  The MegaPhone speaker by designers Isabella Lovero and Enrico Bosa brings a bold statement to music listening. A handcrafted ceramic horn accentuates the amplifier’s striking look.

Via Etre.

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