Everyone LOVES Music Holiday Sale

We dont have sales too often so you should probably take advantage of giving the gift of music.  Each order will also include a FREE set of Custom-Eyes.   Share this ad FROM the Boombotix Facebook and you’re automatically entered to win a BB2 Bluetooth Speaker.

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The BB2 Speaker Pre-Orders go LIVE!


Secure your destiny with wireless audio freedom. BoomBotix is proud to announce the official release date of the BB2. The BB2 packs the same boom in the shape of the BB1, but with more bells and whistles to bring your music listening to the next level!


BoomBotix CEO commented on the release of the BB2, “The BB2 is really a breakthrough for our company.  It makes a statement in showing our fans that this device is really a platform technology.  Once you start using the BB2, you start realizing the gains in versatility instantly.  Projects like the bike mount we’re working on are a good example of what can be done.”


The BB2 will only be released in a Gunmetal Grey colorway, with planned limited colorways dropping in the future. The MSRP is $64.99 and will be released officially on June 24th. Pre-Order BB2 HERE.

Our New Year’s Eve Resolution

For many of us, New Years Eve is our last little HOO-RAH of bad habits and vices before we mentally commit ourselves to forward progress and evolution.  Whether our resolutions make it past the second week of January is an entirely separate story.  But hey, anything to help free our minds to embrace the mayhem of New Years Eve festivities can’t be a bad thing right?  Everyone on our team will be partying extremely hard on New Year’s Eve.  After all, it’s our job.  With that in mind, we have resolutions that will mark our forward progress in 2011.  We wanted to disclose our resolutions to all our fans with hopes that you guys will help hold us to them.

While 2010 was an amazing year and our team hit every milestone that we ever dreamed of, there were still mistakes.  PLENTY of them.    So let’s get this list started….

1.        In 2011, we want to put a bigger emphasis on YOU.  Our line is going to be expanding with several models varying in size and function so that everyone can find something that fits their needs.  This year, you may have to exercise some restraint, because the decision making process is about to get awesome.

2.        Exemplify attention to detail.  Making a product is one thing, but evolving it is when the true innovation comes into play.  We’ve compiled a lot of the feedback thats come back to us this year, and now we have some subtle tweaks that are going to make our products just THAT much better.  We’d like to let you know that we REALLY care about your opinion and your satisfaction.

3.       We want to make a big step in minimizing product defects in the field.  In 2011, we will be employing a domestic team to do some of our own quality control.  As we gain more experience with dealing with overseas vendors, we have made it a goal to bring our in-field defect rate to lower than 1%.  If we can give our customers 99-point-something percent confidence in our product on the shelves, we will be able to sleep at night.

4.       Streamline warranty procedure: For those of you pushing our products to the limit, we commend your efforts.  In January, we are launching an all new warranty site.  The new site will allow you to easily submit warranty claims to us.  Our goal is to hit a one week turnaround time from when you send in your broken unit to when you receive your replaced or repaired unit.  If you can live without SkullyBoom for a week without having major withdrawal symptoms, then we can get you your fix.  If you are a SERIOUS addict, you should probably have a backup model so that when they’re both kickin’ you can run them in stereo.

So that’s it for us.  No treadmills or diets.  Just pure raw technological evolution.   Reflecting back on the year, our visions and dreams became clearer and more defined.  We realized that SkullyBoom is more than just a speaker company, it’s a movement, and thank you for joining.

What are YOU going to do in 2011?

SB1 on Zlog Blog Gear Review

Zlog is a Seattle based company rooted in the urban fixed gear culture.  You can find them at just about all the events providing media coverage on the regular at www.zlogblog.com.  Established in 2008 by Zach Hoffner, 24, it began as a personal blog but rapidly became a bike blog, fixed specific, informing visitors of what was happening, bike wise, in the Northwest USA and essentially putting Seattle on the map.  Recently, they posted a gear review on the SB1 speaker, and we’re stoked that they liked it.

If you get the chance to make it over to their site, don’t forget to check out the Zlog Boutique which has some really cool hats and tees.  They have a super rad logo and a great choice of colors on every piece they put out.  We’re gonna get fitted!