Rich Kids on Instagram Living Limitless Fantasies

What would you do if there were no limits?

There is an old saying that tells us that youth is wasted on the young. Essentially this hoary old maxim informs us that by the time we have the wealth, experience of hard earned life lessons, and the resulting wisdom accrued from those lessons under our collective belts we will no longer have the vitality, optimism, creativity and passion to truly enjoy the world to the fullest like we should. If you think it sounds like something bitter middle aged people say to defend abandoning their dreams you’re about half right.

The saying came to mind after stumbling upon the Tumblr for Rich Kids of Instagram. Now here is a group of kids who may not have the wisdom, but who definitely have the means to pursue their dreams to the fullest. Think about it – what if money were literally no object? What would your days look like? It’s a question we’ve all spent hours daydreaming up answers to, some of us more so than others, and while we were supposed to be working hard for our bosses! Here is a group of kids who actually get to answer that question on a daily basis.

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Skate Moss Decks

Kate Upton

Do you like skateboards and gorgeous girls?  Well you’re in luck because Jason Yim, Edsel Dilag and Chris Vilchez have established the aptly-titled Skate Upton.  This piece was inspired by Jeff Gaudinet’s Skate Moss project.   This time, Jason, Edsel and Chris are featuring the beautiful Kate Upton. Updated regularly, the current set of completed graphics can be seen here.

Source: Hypebeast