Call Me Maybe, the Creepy Chat Roulette Dude Version

Chat Roulette Meets ‘Call Me Maybe’ With Hilarious Results

By now we’re certain that you’ve heard of Carly Rae Jepsen, the girl who sings “Call Me Maybe” and who has, inadvertently, spawned countless parodies. If you haven’t we’ll give you this moment to VIEW THE ORIGINAL and catch yourself up to speed.

For about as long as anyone can remember the hit song of summer has been as predictable as the weather, with pop radio payola pushing some cheesy tune right before school got out until your eardrums bled. You’d hear it on the beach. You’d hear it at the pool. You’d hear it in passing cars, on television commercials, on ice cream trucks, on Boombots – even in your sleep! Record sales became CD sales became iTunes singles downloads and the music makers marketing department would laugh all the way to the bank.

This summer something wholly unexpected happened. Carly took her cheerful ditty and wedged it permanently into our heads using social media like Twitter and Youtube. Shit got real, and fast. It was number one for over nine straight weeks. Suddenly Carly was more famous than Rebecca Black and infinitely more likeable.

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I Got a Hangover – Taio Cruz

After hearing this Taio Cruz song on the radio about two hundred and seventeen times while we were in Munich, we couldn’t help but admire the well crafted pop song.  The lyrics are practically engineered to appeal to a broad demographic of party goers.  The song incorporates all of the essential elements of a mass appealing pop song including easy to singalong phrases, a break in the beat with rapping (ref minute two), and emotional simplicity.  You can see similar elements in Katy Perry and Lady Gaga songs as well.  Hats off to Taio Cruz’s staff of producers on making a song people will likely rage to at your local party at least through the summer (or until the next big pop sensation comes along).  This music videos fairly entertaining as well.
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