How to use your smartphone as a bike lock

New mobile app brings modern-day solution to timeless product

If you live the biker’s lifestyle, then you know that bike locks are an essential part of the gear that you have to carry with you – right up there with a backpack and a Bluetooth, handlebar mountable speaker.


The problem that I have with most of the bike locks I’ve owned in the past is remembering the combination or locating the key once I’m ready to lock the bike up. Call me lazy, call me irresponsible; regardless, dealing with either issue is a major hassle.


That’s why I love the concept behind this app I came across the other day. It’s called BitLock and when you download it, your smartphone becomes the key to your bike lock.



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Check out this black box for bike riders

Device hooks up to handlebars and records ride in stunning clarity

Full-time mechanical engineer, part-time bike rider Cedric Bosch has put together a nifty little product that’s currently kicking ass on Kickstarter. It’s called “Rideye” and it is, more or less, a black box for bike riders that sits atop the handlebars, right next to your ultra-durable Bluetooth speaker (of course).

Bosch worked on the project for a little over a year before settling on the present design. He was initially inspired to create it after his close friend was seriously hurt in a hit-and-run bike accident last year. Rideye has the capability of capturing video footage that the authorities can use to identify these hit-and-run d-bags and bring them to justice.

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Adorable 90-year-old-grandmother tries out virtual reality headset – and loses her mind in the process

Grandmother’s reaction is priceless

Based on the sheer level of adorable going on in this clip, I simply can’t find anything to poke fun at. The clip below was taken when a 90-year-old grandmother tried out a new virtual reality headset called “Oculus Rift”.

Grandmother tries out virtual reality device

The device itself just raised $2.4 million on Kickstarter, a little more than its initial goal of $250,000. The reason why it did so well? It’s the first headset specifically designed to immerse users into their video games. At present, the technology is compatible with PCs, but it’s being worked on to be matched up with various gaming consoles down the road.

The thing’s received a bevy of awards, praise, and positive reviews. Frankly, it reminds of another successful Kickstarter campaign I saw a few months back for this durable, good looking Bluetooth speaker or something.

I digress though. Let’s get back on track and watch this grandmother’s mind get blown when she tries the Oculus Rift out.

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