New Logitech Headphones Come with Personal Assistant, Cost $2000

Tech company creates earphones customized to suit each customer’s listening preferences

Yup — you read that headline right: $2000 for a pair of headphones. If you put all of our portable speakers together, not only would they be louder, they wouldn’t cost you $2000.

Logitech Ultimate Ears - headphones

The purpose behind this new line of ear bud is to cater to the auditorily spoiled. Details on their ridiculous reasoning after the jump.

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From Boomboxes to Boombotix – How Portable Music has Changed Our Culture

The boombox was exploded onto the American market in the mid 70’s, capturing the attention of the urban adolescent communities nationwide. Soon, no stoop in LA, NYC, and DC was without music, with booming tunes from cassetes and the radio, flooding the sound waves with tunes. Hip hop crews took to the streets, boombox in tow, such as King Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC, and none other than the Beastie Boys. These artists were able to capture the public’s attention, and truly build a name for themselves in the streets.

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