Hannah Montana Coon Repellent Saves Hillbilly Santa

The internet is a weird and wonderful place.

There is no doubt about it. In fact it’s part of the reason we haven’t given up on it yet, despite the fact it’s about as far of course as something can be from its original design. We’re fairly certain that when Al Gore invented the thing he never imagined we’d sit around all day long in our pajamas posting pictures of what we ate and Instagraming them, then tagging our friends. Brave new world indeed.

“Wow bro, that burrito is HUGE! LOL” – If we read another LOL we’re going to #BARF. Seriously, do you really laugh out loud after everything like a braying jackass? We don’t think you do. Quick side note – Can you imagine what life would be like if people LOL’d as much in real life as they did in texts, tweets, and Facebook posts? We tried it for a whole day and barely lived through the awkward stares but we challenge you and your friends to give it a go – you know, for the lulz.

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