How to use your iPad to play foosball

Toy designers figure out creative way to use popular tablet

New toy converts iPad into foosball table

Whether you live in San Francisco, New York, or any other overly congested neighborhood, one thing we all know is that the more popular the city, the tighter the living quarters.

And small apartments can have an adverse affect on our social lives. I mean, what is one supposed to do with their friends if there’s no basement or end room for everyone to hang out in?

The good news is that there are some pretty smart people over at New Potato Technologies. They put their collective spuds together to come with this concept that rivals only our ultra portable speakers on the genius spectrum: a contraption that turns your iPad into a full fledged foosball table.

Foosball for iPad

The device comes complete with short stubs for legs and eight two-axis control rods. Judging from the look of things, it allows up to four people to cozy up next to one another for a game, though we recommend you go with only one-on-one matches due to its limited size.

Here’s what’s really cool though: everything from the typically-easily-lost ball to the typically-easily-breakable players are all taken care of by the game’s FREE app. What’s more, the thing includes sound effects. Hook that up to one of our ridiculously loud portable speakers and you’ll feel like you’re right there on the pitch in a Real Madrid v. FC Barcelona friendly!

Funny soccer fan

Did I nail the lingo, soccer mates?

The table itself is a bit pricey at $100, but like I mentioned earlier – if space is limited, this might be a decent device to consider for entertaining the futbol-fanatic in your life.

Tattoo artist implants magnets in his wrist to make strapless nano watch

Extreme body piercing makes for a seriously awesome gadget

Dave Hurban tattoo artist

Warning to the squeamish: if you can’t stand blood, surgery, and extreme body piercing, allow us to redirect you to one of our other posts about a guy using a jet pack to fly over Rio de Janeiro, an awesome graffiti project, or a mouth spray that gets you instantly drunk.

For the rest of our steel-stomached dudes and dudettes, you have GOT to check out this most gnarly body piercing.

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Jawbone releases Big Jambox. Is Boombotix next?

Popular portable speaker manufacturer has gone bigger and more expensive with newest model, but does that mean it’s any better?

Jawbone, best known for its easily portable, 12-ounce, brick-shaped Jambox speaker, released an upgraded model of the popular gadget this week, called the “Big Jambox.” (Creative name, right?)

I took a look at it and my review can best summed up as: Meh.

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Guy Wants Anime Movie Bike So Bad, He Spends 7 Years and $121,000 to Make It

He’s now riding it across Japan for charity


There are things that we all want in our lives, from the ordinary like wanting to get to bed on time to something simple like portable speakers that don’t crap out if you accidentally drop them, wanting something is, well, it’s natural.

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