Chain Gangsta now shipping to a hood near you

Who is Jason Clary?  He rides dirty, pops wheelies through San Francisco streets and redefines the term “career as a professional cyclist.” Not to mention, he’ll happily buy you a tall can. Clary has always been the loud mouth on tour so naturally Boombotix saw a great personality to align with the brand.

The Clary-inspired Chain Gangsta Boombot2 features water transferred 4-color graphics depicting a variety of cogs and bike chains wrapping the entire unit. Clary commented on the piece, “Boombots have basically become standard issue gear for messenger bikers in SF, NY, and LA. When they [Boombotix] came to me with the idea to make a pro model, I was just about to leave for Fixed Fest in Jakarta. I just started to realize that even at 30, I am spending all day riding my bike, training, travelling around the world. Music has always been an essential piece to driving my training regiment and fueling my after party, so I’m ecstatic to get to work on a project like this with the Boombotix crew.”

The Chain Gangsta Limited Edition Boombot 2 features Bluetooth technology for wireless playback with all smartphones, tablets and laptops. The unit can also be daisy chained to external speakers or additional units for stereo sound. Speaker and optional bike mounts are available directly at, iMinusD, and Area Cycles, Mission Bicycle Co., and Ride SFO.

Limited to 800 pieces worldwide.

Upgrade Your Speaker, and be Happier

Interested in a no-strings-attached relationship? Your favorite portable speaker company has made it ohhh so easy for you! If you trade in your old Boombot1 you automatically receive $25 credit towards a Boombot2. Take advantage of this new upgrade program and go WIRELESS.  It doesn’t matter if your Boombot1 is dirty, missing an eye, or just plain ratchet, trade it in for a newer and better version no matter the condition!

To redeem your $25 credit, submit an exchange request on our exchange page and send in your old unit whether it is working or not.  We will recycle your old Boombot1 to artists to paint and create on, so you can be-one-with-the-artist while getting hooked up. Our Boombot2 collection features Bluetooth technology for wireless playback with all smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The unit can also be daisy chained to external speakers or addition units for stereo sound.

Photo [&street] cred: Saradishyphy,

Don’t forget to peek our newest limited edition Boombot. The Topography Edition Boombot2 incorporates a variety of elevation map profiles making each unit completely unique. This design was dreamt up by our CEO while he was surfing in Bali, exploring the wonders of Gaudi in Barca, and enjoying the beauty of Tahoe as he thought to himself, “I hope my customers are making the most of their day.” This limited edition is meant for you and your life in motion, so swoop one up before everyone else does!

How 10 Dogs Beat the Dog Days of Summer

Pictures of man’s best friend finding every possible way to stay cool in heat

Dog taking shower

In case you didn’t know, we here at Boombotix, the loudest portable speaker in the mother f’ing galaxy, are big fans of animals. Cats, K-9’s, critters — we love ‘em all.

In fact, I would venture to guess that we love animals here ALMOST as much as we love dope-ass beats.

True Story meme

That’s why we’re sharing with you this awesome collection put together of dogs figuring out how to beat the heat in the long, hot days of summer, summer, summertime. These pictures are not only jaw-drop awww-worthy, they’re also proof that some animals are actually smarter than their two-legged human-friends when it comes to figuring out ways to stay cool in the summer.

Funny picture of guy beating heat

Check the collection out after the jump!

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Come one, come all!

River floats, hikes, camping, barbecues, road trips…. my oh my the summer still has so much adventure left! Your favorite ultra portable speaker friends want to hook you up with some free stuff to ensure your summer adventures aren’t void of a soundtrack. If you already know about Instagram, then you already know how rad it is. For those who aren’t familiar with the photo sharing app, the Instagram app (for Android) and iOS allows you to edit your pictures straight from your mobile device. Swagonomics allows you to earn prizes by capturing and sharing your photos with your Boombot using the #BOOMBOTIX hashtag.

Here’s the deal: Take a picture expressing your love of action, adventure, or your Boombot for the next 15 days. Boombotix is all about life in motion, and we want to see your summer’s inspirations. The key is to capture your lifestyle. Everytime you hash tag #BOOMBOTIX on Instagram, you get points.  When anyone likes or comments on your awesome photo, you also get points.

To celebrate the launch of Swagonomics, Boombotix is laying down some cash-money and deep swag.  The H#SHT#G EVERYTHING Photo Contest awards the first place winner with over $450 worth of cash + prizes. To sign up, sign up for Swagonomics,  using your existing Instagram account.

To summarize: take photos, win swag.

Startling photo shows why you should always wear sunscreen

Truck driver turns into two-face from Batman after being exposed to sun too long

And now, a public service announcement from the makers of the loudest portable speakers in the world, Boombotix:


That is, unless you want to look like this truck driver.

Truck driver suffers from premature aging on half his face

What the blankity-blank-blank, right?

Here’s how this went down:

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