Lucas Brunelle continues to redefine what it means to be awesome

Renowned bike videographer releases trailer for new movie “Line of Sight”

If you’ve ever ridden a bike before, then surely you’ll appreciate Lucas Brunelle’s work.

Lucas Brunelle biker

The dude’s an awesome bicyclist / videographer who — literally, for years now — has been turning out top-notch, kick-ass videos of his rides during alleycat races and the like.

Brunelle, born in Boston, raced for Mass Bay Road Club, UMASS Amhert, and Cannondale Jiffy Lube. He always did well in these races, but felt unsatisfied with the pace and intensity of the “legal” bike racing scene. So, he decided to move to New York City and work as a bicycle messenger / courier where he subsequently began his career in the alleycat races.

Lucas Brunelle alleycat race

Now, while he has done fairly well in these races — even winning some of them with his devil-may-care approach to riding — Brunelle is perhaps best known for his work as a videographer at these semi-legal events. His work has been featured in the Bicycle Film Festival and makes its rounds online, too.

He’s a huge advocate for the bike culture and for all the good he’s done, we’d love to throw a little bit of support his way for his new movie coming out: Line of Sight. The trailer was released online and it’s already creating a ton of buzz for how damn awesome the thing looks.

Lucas Brunelle line of sight

Truthfully, I think I enjoyed the trailer more than that lame-ass Joseph Gordon-Levitt bike messenger film from two months ago, Premium Rush. More like Premium Suck (see what I did there?)

Sarcastic haha

Anyhoo, enough beating around the bush – Brunelle’s trailer! Let’s get to it. Enjoy it below and if you want to purchase the movie, learn more about this kick-ass champ of the two-wheel, or you just want to throw him some “hey you’re awesome” love, check out his site at

Oh, and make sure to check back for Brunelle’s next ridiculously awesome video of an alleycate race he did in NYC, going across the Williamsburgh Bridge, riding from Manhattan to Brooklyn, all with one of our portable speakers on his handlebars.


Line of Sight playing at Interbike 2012 Las Vegas

LINE OF SIGHT – Official Trailer from Zenga Bros on Vimeo.

Some riders just lack any sense of fear.  Some call it suicide riding, and others just call it a hobby.  Check out Line of Sight by Lucas Brunelle for some of the most insane urban cycling footage we have ever seen.  Don’t lose your teeth watching it.   If you want to see the whole flick, swoop it up on their site or come by the Boombotix booth 32007 at Interbike.