Bluetooth Stereo Pairing Network

Creating an audio network for a short range use case

Boombotix is working a new firmware that allows two speakers to be networked via Bluetooth for true stereo sound playback.  The speakers can be used in this loft scenario to have synchronized music in the top and bottom floor of a studio loft.  They also use the Boombot2 wireless speaker to be tethered to the home stereo system for amplified sound.  If you’re looking for portable speaker tech, look no further.

In principal, what the speakers are doing with the audio source goes as follows; One bluetooth speaker pairs to an audio source (smartphone, laptop, tablet etc.)  The source must be a bluetooth source.  The audio data is sent to the speaker where it is re-encoded as a stereo audio signal.  The first speaker will play the right channel while sending the audio data for the left channel to a second speaker.  This works without any latency so the speakers are able to maintain synchronized playback wirelessly while also offering true stereo.

This feature is not currently incorporated into our devices, but it is something we are developing for future models.  We are addressing the firmware design to make this pairing process seamless and ultimately allow users to transport full wireless stereo configurations wherever they choose.  If you have any questions about this technology or you may be interested in getting involved, just let us know.


The reason hardware companies are failing


The consumer electronics market has quickly deteriorated into a case where it is Apple and everyone else.  Everyone else includes Sony, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, Motorola, RIM, Logitech and Samsung.  Of these major companies, all except Samsung have seen decreased sales and loss of market share.  Why are these companies failing to get me lusting for their products?

Mostly because my gadget arsenal consists of an essential list including a Macbook Air, and iPhone, and Boombot speaker.  If you tap into my audio, I have some Sennheiser headphones and a Yamaha component system.  I could live without the Yamaha system, but I couldn’t even pull $200 on Craigslist for it… so it stays.  Having said that, the essentials include a smartphone, laptop, headphones, and portable speaker.  If you are hardware company not successfully manufacturing and marketing one of these four hardware items, your company is dying.

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