Red Bull Ride and Style Results

Red Bull Ride and Style

boombotix riders take the top podium spots

San Francisco, CA- Red Bull Ride and Style took place this weekend on a gorgeous blue bird day on the Embarcadero.  The course was beautiful, creative, and colorful; The perfect canvas for the worlds top singlespeed riders to put down their fastest runs and their best freeride tricks.  Team rider and winner of the Ride and Style race segment, Jason Clary,  was quoted saying,

“I was up till 5am last night and pulled this out of my ass.”

It’s not insightful.  It’s not inspiring.  It’s just downright Jason Clary at his finest.
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Red Bull Ride and Style this weekend in SF

Red Bull Ride and Style

Last night we saw maximum carnage at the Mezzanine for the Redbull Ride and Style qualifiers.  The bean shaped mini velodrome proved to be quite the challenge for even the most seasoned riders trying to exit the corners at top speed.  Many of them were ejected from the track…or at least their bike was.  Some of the fastest guys figured out how to keep the rubber on the wood and put down some good lap times.

This weekend is the real showdown at Justin Herman Plaza, SF.  That is the big square where Market meets the Embarcadero.  The famous clock tower where some of our local boys train year round.  The event will go from 12-4pm.
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JeffyD of Slumworm Crew Killin’ it….

The guys of at Slumworm are enjoying their last moments of summer putting down some nasty shots on the asphalt.  Matt Reyes (aka Slum) commented on one of his most recent peieces:

“I was going to throw this photo up in the post A Day Out W/ JeffyD, but I totally blanked on it. It’s alright though, I think it looks better as a standalone piece anyways. Despite the shattered bottles everywhere, the awkward angle, zero runway, and pillar with rusty metal waiting for you just after the landing, Jeff still couldn’t wait to hit this beast. We used Gonzo as a cushion, so that if Jeff fell on the pillar, he wouldn’t die from the rusty metal.”