Boombotix Portable Speaker Infomercial

You may have seen the famous Music Bullet on TV, but you should expect more from your portable speakers.  We tried our very hardest to do a mini speaker infomercial that would venture into the depths of cheesy.  It is hard to outdo the Music Bullet, but we tried.  HARD.

Half of our team jumped into this shot and it was a lot of fun setting things up.  I’ve never been depressed enough to be dumping down a flask of Jack Daniels in the bath tub.  I’d like to say that Chris has never chomped his way through a donut, ice cream and bag of chips.  But that would be a lie.  And Ben, well he is a mad scientist anyways, so he fit the role just fine.  Big thanks to Liz for getting naked on camera and sacrificing her angelic public image.

Nick brought the full production together start to finish.  Killed it with adding some cheddar to the cheese.  The ironic thing about the infomercial is that there is an element of truth to it.    When I think about how music fills a lot of voids in my life, I realized a couple things.  Music allows me to evade depression.  Music rejuvenates.  It allows us to find love, and brings us to new places.  We love music.  And we’re F*c%ing LOUD.

How to use a Boombot2 wireless Bluetooth speaker

SIMPLE instructions for wireless speaker operation

  1. Charge the Boombot over USB using the included cable
  2. Press the center button once to enter the line-in mode (for use with included wire)
  3. Press the center button a second time for pairing
  4. Find “Boombot2” on your smartphone or mobile device.  Usually you can find your Bluetooth Settings under your General Settings navigation.
  5. Enter the Pin number 0-0-0-0 to pair with device.
  6. You should be connected and able to play music.  Should you have any other issues, you can try reconnecting.  If that fails, delete the device and repair from scratch.
  7. You can turn OFF the unit by pressing and holding the center button for 2 seconds.
  8. The next time your turn on your Boombot2, it will automatically repair to the last device that it paired with.  You do not have to do the entire pairing process every time.

If you would like to download the full user manual, it can be found HERE.  If you have any other questions, you can email support [at]

Don’t forget we also have our Exchange Program so you can also take your old models and exchange for a $25 credit on any purchase of $50 or more.

optimizing the sound on boombots

If you find that your Boombot is distorting at high volumes, try to adjust the equalizer settings.  For iOS devices (iPod/iPhone/iPad), go here. For android devices, read this article.

boombot2 video instructions


a silly video that explains it

the story behind this ridiculous instructional video

When I first started this project, all we wanted was a simple wireless portable speaker demo video.  We wanted  to show our potential customers how easy it is to use a Boombot2 bluetooth speaker.  I started to write a boring script highlighting the features and the bare basics.  When I first recorded the audio, I ran it in my fake British accent.  Our head of sales jumped on the mic and ran through the script in perfect crisp enunciation.  Suddenly, I got the idea to just make a bunch of different voices/characters with my friends.  I spent a Saturday evening sipping some dark IPAs and immersing myself into about seven voices and eventually getting Ben Radler’s girlfriend to help me out a bit.  Some of them were silly, and some of the accents are awful, but I had a lot of fun with it.  I could have walked around the city trying to get people to read this stupid script, but this just seemed to work ok.

Will it win an oscar?  Probably not.  But the whole point of this video is to educate people about the Boombot2.  It shows that the product is easy to use.  It shows some of the very practical use cases and added versatility that a clip-on speaker provides.

I shot most of the footage with a Canon 7D.  I made a lot of use of a macro lens for close-up shots of the product and the devices.  It was also nice because the macro lens blurs out all the unsightly backgrounds of our luxurious garage.  Ben also helped me edit the footage on Premier Pro and in two days, I had a working draft video.  We’ve done a number of different videos and we know that this is always an evolutionary process.  Towards the middle of this project, I was thinking to myself, “I’m not actually going to be able to put this together.  My coworkers are going to think I’m insane.”  When all was said and done though, they thought I was insane anyways…. but they liked the video.  They gave me some quick pointers and we shipped it.

Music Requake — Fatality (Megalodon Remix) [DUB]
Tamborays (


Portable Speaker Guide

pick out the right portable speaker system

Portable speakers have been around for decades now, but a lot has changed in the industry since the orignal boombox was introduced.  Technology has evolved and the source of our music has changed too.  Thousands of portable speakers have entered the market in various shapes, sizes, and costs.  We wanted to compile a list of things to consider when you buy a portable speaker.  Maybe Boombotix speakers are right for your lifestyle, but if not, we’re glad we can help find an audio device that works for YOU.


Don’t listen to anything manufacturers say about power consumption. Power ratings should be in Watts (W).  Loudness should be in Decibels (dB).  Consider the distance that the manufacturer measures dB from.  Also keep in mind you can have a loud speaker that sounds like crap.  The Boombotix Boombot2 hits 87dB with a high quality recorded song which is great for a room, studio or small group.  Other manufacturers like Logitech and Jawbone make larger portable speaker systems that are louder, but a bit less portable.  Most portable speakers have Class D amps that have a high efficiency.

What other features should i look for in a portable speaker?

  • Bluetooth connectivity (at least 2.1)
  • Device compatibility.  Make sure it works with your music source.
  • Volume/Track adjustment controls
  • Connector types (most common is 8mm or 1/8″ for standard headphone jacks)
  • How many speaker drivers are there?  Is it a mono speaker or just stereo?

should you get a speaker with rechargeable batteries?

In this day and age, there is no reason to every use a speaker that uses alkaline batteries (D-Cell, AA, AAA).  These types of batteries cause a lot of material waste, they’re heavy, and they get expensive as you replace each one.  Buy a speaker with a rechargeable battery source using lightweight lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries.  They may cost a little bit more up front, but it will be well worth it if you really like to travel with your speaker.

How do i determine if a speaker is portable enough?

Picture yourself using the product.  What is your most practical use case is? If you are primarily using it to lug to the beach, are you the type that needs deep, rich, pumping bass or are you fine with a little bit of bump for the background?  Look at the way the speaker is transported.  Does it have a simple handle?  Does it have a clip-on design?  Is the design of the speaker conducive towards the environment that it is being placed in?  Boombotix speakers have added seal and connector covers to make them more resilient to dust and moisture.

Yellow topography Boombot

portable speaker pricing

Portable speakers range anywhere from $20-400.  When considering the pricing, be sure that you are getting value.  Look at the manufacturer warranty terms.  If you are making a substantial investment in a product, you should expect that the manufacturer will support the longevity of the product in normal working operation.  If the speaker is designed to be ultraportable, then it should be able to take a beating.  If something happens in the field (you crash, you fall, or butter fingers gets the better of you), a good manufacturer of a portable speaker system should have your back to some extent.  We have a policy called the No Matter What warranty program where we offer free repair or replacement for all of our speakers.

Also consider the build quality of the product.  Boombotix speakers are made of thick high impact ABS plastic with a durable soft touch coating.  Some cheaper speakers use thin flexible plastics which make the product less durable and even sound poor.

in summary

We hope that you find this article helpful.  We’ve spent a lot of time and thought developing portable speakers that fit our active lifestyle.  If you are looking for a larger system there are a lot of great options out there, but if you like to put your music in motion, we hope you will consider investing in a Boombotix speaker.

Music Bullet vs. Boombotix Boombot2

Music Bullet speakerWhen comparing and contrasting a Red Delicious to say, a Florida Naval, we’re likely to turn up empty on all comparisons other than one; they are both fruit. The same can be said about comparing the As Seen on TV gimmick product ‘Music Bullet’ and the BoomBotix Boombot1 or Boombotix Boombot2.  They both amplify sound. The rest? Apples. Oranges.

With the big promises we know and love about infomercials, it appears the Magic Bullet has overpromised its customers according to reviews.

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Speaker Showdown: X-mini vs. Boombotix BB1

xmini portable speaker versus boombotix bb1

Portable speaker battle royale

Looking to buy a portable speaker? Well, you need not look any further than two of the gadget industry’s most popular portable speaker providers (say that three times fast): the X-mini and Boombotix BB1. They’re incredible devices for their size and both have done fairly well when it comes to product reviews.

When you compare them head-to-head, though, their differences become a bit more obvious. This can help you, the prospective portable speaker purchasee, a great deal in making the best buy for your hard earned buck (cue “The more you know” PSA).

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