Outsidelands + bicycles + Levi’s = fun.

Outside Lands is more than just a festival – it’s a lifestyle. This festy experience magnifies beyond the spicy guitar licks, booty shaking bass and stunning vocals, it’s meant to give you a taste of what San Francisco is in all of its glory. From recycled art, farmers markets, urban gardening and grubbing down with the local eateries, this experience wouldn’t be complete without our favorite mode of transportation – bicycles!

This year’s free bike valet will be provided courtesy of Levi’s, who will also be pimping your bike out with free tune-ups and bike washes as well! Levi’s recently released a very chill line of bicycle commuter wear (check out the line here) and they’re also hosting  “Golden Sprints” at the festival. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Golden Sprints, anyone who can ride a bike can participate. In a nutshell: you race on a stationary bike that are set up to gauge how far and fast you are, whoever goes the fastest for a certain amount of distance wins sweet prizes such as swag from Mission Bicycle Bompanybags from Mission Workshop, bikes from Globe and speakers from the best portable speaker company ever, yours truly.

DOPE RIGHT?! The races will be taking place in the Levi’s tent at Eco Lands this weekend so be sure to come and check it out! Spandex is highly encouraged.

BoomBotix HQ Relocates July 7th

Boombotix Headquarters

In April of this year, our company quietly made the move up to SF’s Mission District.  Within several months we outgrew our facility, so we had to look for something that would give us the scaling capacity we needed.  With Mission’s lively neighborhood,  we knew we had to find a more permanent home here.  We’ll enjoy being next to some of SF’s finest brands including Mission Bicycle Company, Mission Workshop, and Timbuktu.

The new facility will feature a retail front and a lounge area where you can come by anytime and enjoy some of the hottest tunes in town.  Stay tuned for more pics of the move in on July 7th.

Here’s a little game: Find the cross streets of the new BoomBotix headquarters in the Mission District.  The first person to post the cross streets on our FACEBOOK will receive a BB1 of their choice.