Boombot REX OFFICIAL Launch Party at Dijital Fix

After eighteen months of development, Boombotix is proud to announce the official launch of the Boombot REX.  It only makes sense that we are launching the best wireless speaker in the game at the coolest audio store in San Francisco: Dijital Fix.

The event will take place on Friday June 7th @ 7pm.  If you have a Boombot REX, bring it along and trick it out at our customization station.  If not, just come and check out this really cool store and enjoy the FREE refreshments.  OF COURSE we will have a live DJ to make this the premier happy hour of the summer.

Boombot REX Launch Party


Because this is ‘merica gawd damnit

taco cannon

Boombotix is located in San Francisco’s Mission District where we have taco’s available every two-hundred feet.  Naturally, when I saw this, I realized that the possibility for #nextlevel taco delivery was finally here.  I could literally be sitting at my desk, use Siri to ping the taco cannon, and if my local taqueria could work on their aim, I could have a taco sniped into the palm of my hand.

This taco cannon was built for Fun Fun Fun Festival in Texas.  Are you surprised?  The device was made using a modified t-shirt launcher.  We’re on the hunt for some footage of this taco cannon in action.  If we don’t see anything promising, we may be spending the weekend building some new taco artillery.

Can this do burritos too?

Source: Gizmodo



Save it for a rainy day in San Francisco

This past weekend in San Francisco was a rainy one, but it really didn’t stop us from having a good time. We went Go Karting with our Boombotix BB2 speakers clipped to our steering wheel. Then we squeezed in some biking down Valencia street in between storms. After a long night of partying, we got Chicken and Waffles at Soul Groove on 22nd and Mission, and then things just got weird. Rain or shine, it is nice to have a soundtrack to your life.

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This Saturday at midnight, Mission Bicycle Company is leading the December Midnight Mystery Ride. We’ve been planning this one for months and have some mysterious surprises in store for you.

The starting point is always announced the day of the ride. Check this Saturday.

Last month we were forced to cancel after 5 hours of heavy rain. So for the brave dozen souls that showed up anyway, we had a spontaneous adventure.

This Saturday calls for zero chance of precip and a one hundred percent chance of mystery and adventure.

This ride will be the subject of a short film that we hope will inspire other cities to create their own Midnight Mystery Rides.