Boombotix HYPE Ride Mix


Are you going the distance? Are you going for speed? Are you all alone in a time of need? Well lucky for you we’ve curated this delightful ride mix engineered specifically, for providing you a 10% increase in horsepower for your next ride. “Ride what!?”, you ask? Anything! Whether it’s a horse, bike, skateboard, a paddleboard, or an elephant, this mix should set the right mood for your next adventure.

Thanks for listening and let us know what kind of music you want to hear next. We often post our mixes on our Facebook page if you want to get the low down.

Boombotix 420 Easter Mix

This playlist is a collection of jams designed to elevate your session to new heights. We encourage you to take this special 2014 Easter 420 holiday to find eggs that have some really special treasures. This mix has a dab of gangster rap, reggae, and some classics to put you on another level. If you want to session with us, you can join us on Boombotix SYNC to have a real-time session throughout the day. Roll it up and hit the play button.

Also be sure to check out the new Boombot2+ Chronic Edition launching on 4-20. If you want to take these tunes on-the-go, this little guy can help lead the way.


Our friends over at GottaDanceDirty just posted a mix put together by an extremely sexy DJ based out of Los Angeles going by Shae B.   Jonah commented on her work as being, “perfect for late nights, early mornings, and the afterparty, this mix features pure gold in music selection and mixing.”  Shae B. incorporates elements of deep house, garage, with a touch of samba.  Its no surprise that Shae B. is found spinning turntables as swanky venues like the Playboy Mansion.  Apparently even the DJs are extremely attractive at the Mansion.shae b. ::: stripped down pt. 1 by shae b.

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