Bluetooth Stereo Pairing Network

Creating an audio network for a short range use case

Boombotix is working a new firmware that allows two speakers to be networked via Bluetooth for true stereo sound playback.  The speakers can be used in this loft scenario to have synchronized music in the top and bottom floor of a studio loft.  They also use the Boombot2 wireless speaker to be tethered to the home stereo system for amplified sound.  If you’re looking for portable speaker tech, look no further.

In principal, what the speakers are doing with the audio source goes as follows; One bluetooth speaker pairs to an audio source (smartphone, laptop, tablet etc.)  The source must be a bluetooth source.  The audio data is sent to the speaker where it is re-encoded as a stereo audio signal.  The first speaker will play the right channel while sending the audio data for the left channel to a second speaker.  This works without any latency so the speakers are able to maintain synchronized playback wirelessly while also offering true stereo.

This feature is not currently incorporated into our devices, but it is something we are developing for future models.  We are addressing the firmware design to make this pairing process seamless and ultimately allow users to transport full wireless stereo configurations wherever they choose.  If you have any questions about this technology or you may be interested in getting involved, just let us know.


Custom Scions have gone too far

Custom Scion XB

Fast and furious?  Not so much.  These Scions are a good depiction of where rice rocket culture has gone.  The user base has either graduated onto better projects like Mitsubishi Lancer Evos, Subaru WRXs, BMW 1-Series, Audi A3/A4, OR you have decided that you are unwilling to let go of your creative zeal…. and got a Scion XB.  With a sticker price about the same as a full carbon race bike, you can purchase a poorly powered box that you can dump a small fortune into to have something that is uniquely your own.  DIY life.

This collection of Scion’s features everything from insanely juiced up audio systems to custom conversion kits that turn your Scion XB into a mini monster truck (or is this a rodent truck of its own class?)  Enjoy!

Custom Scion xB


custom scion xB

Custom Scion xB



Photo Credits: Scionpedia

Optimizing your Android with Boombotix Portable Speakers using Player Pro DSP pack

If you’re looking for a way to optimize your Boombot on your Android, there’s a little bit of audio software that can help.  Player Pro is a music player software available on the Android Market for $4.99.  It features a sleek, well organized interface, although it has been a little bit buggy with some of the podcasts we’ve used with it.  The Player Pro App by itself has some EQ controls, but if you really want to get your portable speaker to maximum volume, download the free DSP Pack

The screenshot below shows you a shot of the EQ menu once you download the DSP Pack plugin.  The bar on top is the Preamp which is basically a secondary volume controller that can maximize the output volume of your device going to your speakers or headphones if you so choose.  Be careful not to drive too much bass to your speakers when doing this as it may cause clipping and distortion.  If you maximize the Preamp, you may want to trim off some of the bass using the equalizer adjustments or the knob bass adjustment at the right of the screen.

Boombotix Launches New Website

Boombotix is proud to announce a completely new website redesign to create an entirely new brand experience for our fans looking to immerse themselves in the Boombotix lifestyle.  The new site features a new user interface that’s faster, easier to navigate, with a premium emphasis on educating our customers about Boombotix products.

Boombotix CEO, Lief Storer commented, “The new site was a much needed change to really capture the fun feeling behind Boombotix. We’ve discovered ourselves much more clearly while also taking a lot of input from our customers.  Our products require a lot of education to fully understand their function, and the new site does a much better job of making information clear and concise.”

Behind the new website redesign is the company’s new CTO, Ben Radler.  Ben was brought onto the team earlier this year to work on ecommerce and mobile software development.  Expect to see more of his work in the Boombotix App on iOS.

Holiday order deadlines

Monday, December 19th : Deadline for all domestic orders to receive before Christmas

Wednesday, December 21st : Cut-off for Next-Day delivery to receive before Christmas

Jawbone Jambox takes on Boombotix. Raw data unveiled

We recently did a side by side comparison of the Jawbone Jambox against the Boombotix BB1+.  We were happy to see the BB2 holding some good ground against the two-hundred dollar Jambox.


If you aren’t satisfied with the raw footage, lets lay down a couple of raw facts and give you the whole range of frequencies to look at from 100Hz-16000Hz sweeps @ 2ft.  We used an App called Signal Generator to get our frequencies for the test.  Rather than using bluetooth on this test, we input all signals to the auxiliary jack to give each speaker maximum audio performance.

One of the most perplexing things in the test was the way the Jawbone Jambox actually rotates in place as we played some of the lower frequencies.  In bass heavy songs, we almost worried that the little Jambox might just wander off the table.  Good thing it’s engineered like a SOLID brick!

Looking at the frequency response, the Jawbone has fairly pronounced bass below 2000Hz where it takes two Boombotix BB1s to achieve a similar effect.  The Jawbone uses 8 watts and each Boombotix peaks out at 5W (3W rms).  Where the Boombotix really excels is the mid-range frequencies.  The BB1+ punches the mid range hard to give our snare the nasty treatment.

When it comes down to weight, the Jawbone Jambox weighs in at 12.1 oz. and the Boombotix BB1+ is dropping in at 5 oz.  Jawbone really does pick top grade materials in every piece of the product, so that’s commendable…. but its not free.  The Jawbone also comes with a nice full cable set including a wall charger, audio cable, and USB cable.  The Boombotix only comes with a short USB charging cable, but the retractable audio cable is unique and specially designed for use with Boombotix products.  Both of the devices have a robust battery life (10 hours on Jawbone and 6 hours on Boombotix.

In conclusion, the Jawbone gives you a nice, broad frequency response curve.  It’s a refined, well engineered brick that provides rich, full, dynamic sound.  If it were a car, it would be a Mercedes G-wagon.  The Boombotix BB1-Plus has amazing punch for the buck, so in the automotive world, it’s the Subaru WRX STI.    They are both different animals that have great performance, but one is designed to cruise to the Country Club for a little tenis, and the other (Boombotix) is meant to be redlined and tossed around with no regard for consequences.